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  1. Basically it's an anime that scarred poor goku for life and is based off of a very interesting if not violent ero-game.

    It made me fear romance drama or at least changed my mentality when starting a new one, as it apparently did with what seems to be 90% of MAL lol. I still see "I get major ****** **** vibes from this show." and "I hope there's no nice boat ending" in shows that clearly will not have such things.

  2. kimi ga nozomu eien was pretty good... but what is this anime you will not name!? Tell me! Please? O_O

    Sledge if you watch it expect a bloodbath. No matter how cute it starts out expect it to all go to hell. The name of the show which we shall not name is

    School days

    and yes it's as fucked up as Godgave's little comic.

    @Godgave - lol thanks for bringing back bad memory's :P. I can just see her (DO NOT READ SPOILER, SPOILER ALERT)

    cutting my chest open and skull fucking me with my own dick. Then getting on her boat and sailing away with my eyeless head

    *Shudders*. What's funny is I still feel bad for her. The show really shit all over her.

  3. I'm sure seeing that show a few times will wear out any harmful effects it may of had on viewers the first time they saw it. Once was enough for me though :P. What's funny was I knew it was coming from seeing the video novel but the way they did it was like "oh nothing is gonna happen. They must be going with the happy ending" and then BAM they give you the in your face wtf did I just see ending.

    Ef was pretty good. Not a fan of the second season though. Probably becuse of the age difference between the two main characters. I'm not a fan of 16-17 year olds hooking up with 26+ year olds in a romance drama lol. Brings back too many bad memory's of my ex hooking up with a stupid brit that was 10 years older then her.....dumb bitch.

    If you liked Ef and that show that we will not name, you'll probably like kimi ga nozomu eien (aka. Rumbling Hearts). Now that's a good romance drama even if it's got a cliché ending.

  4. Godgrave never suggest that series that we shall never name again. That show will crush anyone's opinion on romance drama until they curl up into a ball and cry while stabbing themselves in the face over and over again. It took me 2 years to get over it. Eppy had to keep repairing me with duck tape.

    As for suggestions. Here's a few for starters.

    - Darker Than Black

    - Gundam 00

    - Code Geass

    - Bokurano

    - Black Lagoon

    - Blood +

    - Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

    - Sword of the Stranger (movie)

    - Kemono no Souja Erin

  5. Ya I think that's how the eyes work too.

    Your theory sounds good but I doubt Sasuke will kill himself....he is Kishimotos favorite character after all. I think he'll go blind and become helpless though. He might die protecting The leaf from Madara though....or save Naruto and Sakura but I doubt he's just gonna kill himself over being blind.

    And I thought the Madara vs Naruto fight was inevitable. Just like the Kakashi vs Madara fight that's bound to happen. Madara wants all the eyes after all and he wants all the beasts.

  6. I haven't read the chapter yet but I just noticed something while searching for naruto stuff. Apparently Madara has two different Sharingans. The one before he took his brothers eyes and the one after (ie. "Eternal"). What I found interesting was after he obtained his brothers eyes, his Sharingan's evolution actually just combined the outer part of his brothers design into his own (it's flipped upside down). I almost wonder what would happen if all eyes where combined togeather. Would the red or black be completly removed from the eye leaving nothing but one color? Madara is collecting the eyes so it would be interesting to see what happens.

    You can check out the different eyes here to get an idea of what I'm talking about http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Mangeky%C5%8D_Sharingan

  7. I could see this going 1 of two ways. Naruto shows up to see Kakashi an inch from being killed causing him to fight Sasuke but in the end lets Sasuke get away, or Naruto shows up and helps Kakashi fight Sasuke causing Sasuke to reveal his real intentions causing Kakashi and Naruto to let him go. I cant really see anyone dieing but I guess it might be possible for Kakashi to be killed....doubtful though. It would piss off all the readers not to mention they still have not finished explaining Kakashi's back story.

    I feel Sasuke has more going on in his head other then revenge. Madara is off at his base and probably wont show up again unless Sasuke is missing for a long time.

  8. O_O Divorce his ass and and claim that you want his WOW account as part of your alimony. :P

    hahah if he's as obsessed with WoW as some of my friends then that would be punishment enough. He'd probably kill himself.

    @Godgrave - true true, why buy porn when 99% of it on the web is free.

    PS. adult friend finder is a one night stand/web cam site. You search for local chicks or dudes that are looking to score and chat with them and maybe meet and go at it. Kind of like Match.com only just sex.

  9. I know 2 die hard fanboys that see no reason to buy this and are confused by their god Steve jobs would sell such a piece of shit. I also know another Mac fanboy that wants to buy one to link with his Apple TV but everyone at work is telling him he's stupid lol.

    What's funny is the FCC hasn't even approved this yet. That's why Apple cant sell it for 60 days.

    [ame=http://forums.ancientclan.com/member.php?u=1]Sledgstone[/COLO"]Ancient Clan Forums - View Profile: Sledgstone@@AMEPARAM@@View Profile: Sledgstone</title>@@AMEPARAM@@Sledgstone[/ame] your right. You watch, next year they'll release a "new" iPad that has all the shit people actually wanted in the first one.

  10. LOL! X'D love the dancing part haha

    i heard briefly about ipad on news yesterday and only positive feature was taht it allows a touch screen keyboard and since you can't even play games with it so just get a laptop they say lol

    oh you can play games....only games approved by apple in the app store. It really is a waste of $500-800 (depending on what model you get).

  11. The iPad that was just released by apple is utter shit. No multi-app support, no camera, no HDMI or USB ports, no e-ink...why the fuck are they charging $500 for an over sized iPod Touch? Oh cant forget it comes with DRM. Lol and I thought the $1000 Mac Mini server that you could build yourself for $600 was a joke, this takes the cake.

    Personally I think the HP Slate looks much much better. Not only does it look somewhat the same as the iPad but it has all the shit that the iPad is lacking lol. Steve Jobs needs to stop assuming Apple Fanboys are gonna buy evert piece of shit he pulls out of his ass.

  12. I still think Aizen (or somebody else) will own everyone somehow. What if they defeat Aizen, then its over.... but he's already laid the foreshadowing down about the King's Guard (or whatever they're called), they're the equivilant of the Hollow's Vastro Lords and they make the captains look like pussies. I wouldn't be surprised if Aizen is a guard class considering how all the captains are weak to him. I actually want to see Aizen win so we can get some different characters in the mix... because if he unlocks the path to upper soul society, I wouldn't be surprised if other powerful vastro lordes would spring out of hiding now that a path to powerful shinigami were open... or maybe that key Aizen wants so bad doesn't just unlock the path to God/the king but also to the ultimate Hueco Mundo (aka HELL). :P

    Oh god another 3 years of introducing new characters and major power ups :S. Not sure how much more I can take of this. I just want to see what's past the door and that's it lol.

  13. I don't think he's wasting his eyes. Danzo is too wise to be betting everything on his eyes. As he even points out in this chapter, Mandara hasn't made his move yet so he needs to keep his guard up for when he does.

    In my opinion Mandara is just watching and gathering data on Danzo. Mandara is incomplete so it's doubtful that he'll attack until he knows for sure that Danzo will lose.

    This whole battle seems kind of pointless but that's just me.

    I'm happy I was right about Oroch doing experiments on Danzo :). In your face GG j/k :P.

  14. You're probably on to something there. Ichigo and Grimjaw are seemed obsessed with power... and now that Ichigo went full hollow his power was practically uncontrollable which would be his downfall. Against someone of equal power he wouldn't stand a chance because his hollow form would only fight on instinct and not tactics. But then again, I still think Ichigo will eventually become god in this series, so no boundaries could possibly hold him back. X'D

    ya, I've been thinking Ichigo was special from the beginning. I would not be surprised if he turns out to me at god level by the end of the story but wishes to continue living in his little town with his friends and Rukia :P.

    I'm getting the same feelings as you guys. This ark feels like the last.

  15. I can kind of see where he's coming from since I'm a pretty jealous person when it comes to a girl I like hanging out with guys that show interest in her. In any case you b/f is going out with you knowing you do your work around other guys...he should have accepted that the day you two started going out. If he's trying to force you to stop working or doing the things you love to do then you need to talk to him about it and make it clear that nothing is going to happen.

    Sounds like you two need to sit down and figure things out. He sounds insecure and needs reassuring that you're not gonna ditch him for some good looking singer :P. I'm pretty sure he's not TOO TOO concerned that you're gonna get raped. After all you're in a public place with other people. If the band guy wanted to rape you he'd have to lure you to his car or in a back room lol.

  16. Tosen's Ressurection though was very sloppy. It had great power, far greater than his Vizard form, but as soon as he gained the ability to see, he lost his other honed senses. His sight was his downfall.

    Which will most undoubtedly happen to the rest that have this power. The hollow form will probably give them whatever it is they've been craving all their life and when that happens it will either be a major downfall or make them go crazy.

  17. How come everyone's familiar with Susano? Danzo knew it was Susano like it's a common ultimate jutsu, or maybe it is.

    I agree. I thought it was bullshit that Sasuke randomly pulls our Susano and somehow we, the readers, are supposed to be like "oh ok that makes sense". Then the mangaka makes it seem like Susano's been around since the beginning and everyone knew about it :S. What's even worse is Sasuke randomly summons a hawk...Mandara is even like wtf, where did he find the time to make a beast contract. The only logical answer I can come up with is this is just one big eye battle like with Itachi. If it's not and Sasuke really does have the ability to summon birds then It's obvious that the Mangaka is a total Sasuke gay lover.

    Speaking of Itachi, he shows up now but it looks like an eye trick like usual :S.

  18. Sledge I think your reading to far into their power levels haha.

    Last chapter was weird though. What's his name (the blind guy) went vizard and then when full hollow. That seems more like a downgrade to me....I guess that would explain him losing haha.

    I have a feeling Vizard + Bankai (Vizkai for short) is the highest level a normal shinigami could currently get without it turning into a downgrade like blind guy did. I'm sure something new will show it's face soon like Sledge has been hoping for (Bankai 2?). Ichigo seems to be the exception to the rule though since he can now, technically, go full hollow only without the weakness.

  19. movie was amazing. I liked how they didn't give one side more power then the other. Throughout the last battle it went back and forth like 4 times before a victor was deemed. Although we already knew who would win :D.

    I also liked how there really wasn't 1 lead character. There was actually a few.

    I give it a 9/10