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  1. I need to do my front brakes. I haven't done a brake job in 4 years. I love this corolla. :D I used to do a brake job once a year with my crappy blazer.

    1. Trigger


      lol I don't mind doing the front brakes, it's the back one's I can't stand doing. Before you changed them, did you have the highest quality of brakes? I went almost 3 year without changing them on my Chevy Cav, but now I travel a lot more with my job. Around 500 miles a month just for work so I suspect I'll be changing them a lot more.

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  2. New season of Big Bang Theory starts tonight! :D

    1. Trigger


      Yep, an hour of it, is this their last season?

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  3. Employment!! Part-time, but as it makes more than twice what my last job did, it's still good. ^^

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