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  1. North Korea are well within their rights here, but fortunately for those journalists this has become a politically charged situation. It no longer matters whether they were right or wrong; what matters is that they are American, and as a nation it is in our interest to bully them free.

    It's nice to be a superpower, sometimes. :)

  2. So this morning I wake up to a phone call from a friend saying he's coming over immediately to show me a CD he got and why am I asleep at 1:00, etc., etc. So, he brings over this Cursive CD and shows me a couple of songs and, gotta say, they're damn good. Kind of a downer to wake up to, but I was too impressed with their style to care.

    Maybe I'm late to the party with this, 'cause I remember someone posting their lyrics here a while back, but anyone else heard of/listen to them?

  3. We humans exert a power over our surroundings that's pretty much without precedent on Earth. Other animals might hunt a species or two to extinction, maybe unbalance a local ecosystem, but we do it on a completely different scale. If we don't like what's living around us, we clear it out and change it to suit our needs. The result of that is that other creatures are displaced, sometimes killed off. If we do like what's living around us—say we like the pattern on its skin, or its bones make a nice material for decoration—we can hunt it until the last one is dead. Maybe people feel guilty about that, and so they try to save the last of anything they can. It's hard to deny that some people take it too far. Still, killing everything in our path isn't really a healthy way to go about things, and if nobody cared we really could do long-lasting damage to the planet's biodiversity.

  4. I used to listen to rock pretty much exclusively, and Linkin Park was as soft as I would go. These days I listen to a lot of different artists in different genres, but indie makes up the biggest share.

  5. Hey, that's pretty awesome. My taste in music has shifted pretty dramatically in the past year, so I've been having a hard time finding new artists I'm into. Hopefully this will speed up the process.