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    They're not supposed to but there's a way to keep them glowing when they're stowed (don't remember how you do it but I see a lot of people doing it, all I know is it requires you to hit a certain key press while you stow them).
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    , poor Sledge. Yea they come in Small, Medium, and Large and as I said cost a fortune just to buy the plot. All things said and done you could probably spend well over 100 million gil just to buy the plot and the materials to build your house.
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    I don't know on Ranger. I'm sure it does because the second press on 4 for guardian throws it.
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    Oh I am too which is why I will most likely buy the replica version of the previous version and glamour them over these. Seriously don't know what SE was thinking when they made these, most of the other completed weapons look amazing (the Bard's bow is fucking awesome looking, as is the Dragoon's Lance, and the Monk's fist weapons. Not to mention the Paladin's Sword and Shield (probably my favorite looking anima weapons, such a beautiful blue glow). Ninja yet again gets screwed (though I can't complain, the Spurs of the Thorn Prince were some sexy looking swords)).
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    These are nice, but I'm partial to your purple glowing ones.
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    I got it on the first mission. I got a hat too. I don't like the back pack because it hides my weapon.