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Final Fantasy XIII Character Growth System Explained (FFX Sphere Grid?)

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With the announcement of every new Final Fantasy game, the one thing fans can know for sure even before official details are released is that it'll feature a new unique take on character development. Final Fantasy XIII will follow this tradition, and now we have some details on exactly how its "Crystalium System" will work.

According to the latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump (Andriasang via Joystiq), the Crystalium System replaces the usual flow of experience points and level gaining. Instead of experience points, players will earn crystal points (CP). As Andriasang explains it, "these can be exchanged for new skills and abilities, shown on a circular chart in the Crystalium management screen."

The more abilities you learn, the more paths open up on the chart, and they'll lead to stronger versions of similar abilities (learning Fire will lead down a path toward Fira and so on). Apparently you'll also boost character stats the same way, such as unlocking HP bonuses. By the sound of it, the Crystalium System sounds pretty similar to a standard RPG skill tree system, mixed with some influence from Final Fantasy X's Sphere Grid and XII's License Board.

Hopefully more clarifying details on this new system will come along soon, as it's still not entirely clear how the Crystalium System will work throughout the flow of the game.

It sounds like they're bringing back FFX's sphere grid system! That would be awesome. Why re-invent the wheel, when you have something that works? :)


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