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Ps1 Classics we want on PSN

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as the title states, what games would you like to see on the psn for download

personaly i want MGS ^_^

i cant be asked to play ff7. as ive completed it like 100 times ;p


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If they put MSG on the download list, they should try to get their hands on the gamecube remake version instead, I heard it was alot better.

They should revive some of the old classic RPGs. Like Lunar, Lunar 2, Breath of Fire games, FF games, and the PS1 classic remake/re-release of Chrono Trigger.

Didn't they release StarCraft for the PS1 a long time ago? Maybe with SC2 coming out, the original might have a good run as a classic download? I don't know if the game was any good ported on a system tho.


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