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Dirty car deals, climate destruction on wheels

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Europe: Don't let Sarkozy and Merkel drive roughshod over climate protection law.

Dear friends,

This is really important, can you please take two minutes to sign our cars petition and send this email to your network of friends?

The heads of France and Germany are about to conclude a bilateral deal, which threatens to water down (already weak!) European legislation tackling CO2 emissions from cars. We've made a petition for the European Council's current President, demanding that he and other heads of state stand up for the climate.


We'll deliver the petition to the President of the European Council on Monday, and every day before 12 April when we have another 10,000 more signatures.

The German government is driving this--putting the immediate commercial interests of German luxury car-makers before the safety of the planet. Sarkozy is riding along with Merkel because he needs Germany's support for his grand plans for a Mediterranean Union.

Two wheels better than four,

Mel, Martin, Richard, Eoin and the car campaign team

P.S. Please remember to forward this email to friends. Together we can stop this!


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