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advice for buying a new monitor

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I am looking to get a second monitor for my PC, 



I would use it for gaming and videos, so i want a decent one, ideally 24" as i currently have a 23" BenQ monitor 


I have heard samsugn are the best in terms of colour richness and image quality


i was thinking of a monitor in the range of £150-£180




is £125




is £185




similiar monitor but 23.6" and 


anyone know if the difference in price if for only 0.4" smaller and £60 cheaper


anyone have any guidance on what to look for 


I plan on running it via HDMI as my primary monitor and using my current one for web browsing or video 


(often my daughter wants to watch cartoons on my pc, with 2 monitors i can at least read the news or something ;p )

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If you have a computer with a decent graphics card go for a 1080p monitor.. if not your computer will lag trying to output 2 sources of video and you might be better off with a 720p. I have an old computer and it struggles to play netflix in low quality on a 1080i hdtv while I browse the internet on the primary monitor. Also, instead of getting a monitor you could buy a HDTV instead. As long as your computer can output to it with an HDMI cable and it'll be mostly used for videos then a HDTV would be a good alternative. As for gaming, Steam has a big picture mode that is supposed to work good with HDTVs that are hooked up as secondary monitors. I haven't tried it out yet myself tho.


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btw, this one:




That does look like a pretty good monitor. I love a monitor / TV with good viewing angles. Its the first thing I look at when I'm in a store. I'll stand and different angles and squat in front of the tvs to look up at them while ppl look at me weird. :P


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