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  1. Nagato and Naruto are friends now after all that Nagato did is utter BS. This series has gone down a lot, I wouldn't be surprised if some way or another whatever technique Nagato is about to use is going to be some way or other to negate the damage he caused or some shit since now Naruto and Nagato are 'kindred spirits' and that. Especially since it does seem like Kishimoto is portraying Nagato as this all powerful dude and that . . . Agh, Nagato's entrusting his dream and the whole 'world peace' mission to Naruto now, great, wonderful, overdone, and cliche. Naruto's a great character, at times, and honorable and finally showing some maturidity with his decisions but I thought it was too nice of him to just decide not to kill Nagato. After all he did, the lives he caused to be lost, Shizune for example, that's it, no revenge, no nothing.

  2. Even though it was all thrown together I'm just glad Naruto finally gets to see his father. I agree with Kite in saying that it would be a good thing Naruto gets to talk to his father and that it will either result in Naruto reverting to human form or gaining control of Kyuubi. Hopefully it will be the latter seeing as the power of the fox wore down Pein. But still, someone needs to go kill the real Pein.

  3. This chapter was pretty good, short though. Naruto is still a repetitive fighter for the most part, which is still pretty annoying seeing as how he's trained through Kakashi and Jaraiya. Yes, he has those two massive techniques, but still . . . Hopefully he'll show more moves than what he has, but at least he is kicking Pain's ass currently.

    I still wonder about the Hyuga clan and what's going on with Sasuke, Kabuto, Anbu/ Root, Danzo, and what the Akatsuki are going to do with all that power. If Danzo is really smart he'll try to make a move against Konoha now while Pain is occupied with Naruto and everyone else is worn out from all the fighting and injured. That could cause an opening for Sasuke to just show up out of nowhere and take revenge on his and the elders, make it look like casualties from Pain attacking the village or something. *Shrugs*

    As far as Naruto being able to absorb the natural energy from his clones, that may be do to the need for a summoning type scroll that he was carrying on his back.

  4. I saw the movie and the gun fights and action was good, but I have to agree with Strider Hiryu in saying that the plot was lacking. Angelina Jolie was a plus side to it as well as Morgan Freeman.

  5. Their hinting. Theres no verifiable proof yet and I wont believe he's dead till I see his lifeless body being checked by a medical ninja and not some gay slug or Naruto's Natural energy BS.

    I'm going to agree with Goku here, I also refuse to believe Kakashi is dead unless they give solid proof of it. At least these last two chapters were worth reading, hopefully it will stay that way as this fight continues. If Naruto ends up sacrificing his life for the village I am going to be pissed, that better not happen. Hopefully once he kicks Pain's ass then he will kick Sasuke's ass, where ever the hell that Emo is.

  6. :clapyay::sparkle::goodjob:This game would make me consider buying a PSP, if it didn't cost so much. I'll just have to buy the game if and when it comes to America and con someone I know that owns one to let me borrow their PSP. But the game looks promising and all my favorite FF boys in one game.

  7. It does seem that the series is coming to an end, but it was still a good chapter even though it was too short. Hopefully this battle won't last for a decade, but it looks like a promising chapter as of now and Naruto looks awesome.:sake:

  8. That would have been much more interesting to see than this bs they are pulling right now. It's as though it was all just thrown together in a last ditch effort to make a sale or some shit. WTF? Konoha is supposed to be this all powerful village with powerful Ninja and now they just got owned by One man. Kishimoto just keeps digging a deeper hole with this series the farther it goes. Making it out so that Naruto is the only one that can stop Pain when all these high level Jonin's and such couldn't even lay a hand on him. Now Naruto is going to go ape shit and destroy Pain and those who did survive his obliterating Konoha are going to praise and worship Naruto for doing so and then Sasuke will fucking show up, they'll fight, and maybe, just maybe they'll end the series in the only redeemable way, one killing the other. Killing both is lazy and letting them both live is predicatable. What the hell is with Konohamaru knowing the Rasengan and actually hitting Pain with it, that is complete and utter B.S.!:eyetwitch:

  9. :glasses: I don't know if anyone else is actually following the manga, as most have followed the anime and all. I have been going insane ranting about this to my brothers and they just don't want to listen to me anymore so O_O I guess I will just have to talk about it here.

    1st-Ed just opened a gate that had flesh eating 'things' behind it, an entire army of them and he and Scar, along with a few humunculi that just so happen to be allies with Ed are there, but still . . . grrr to cliffhangers!

    2nd-Al, Pride, Kimblee-Not a good combination and when two of your enemies are there - ahh damn. (Pride-Not Bradley in manga-the Fuerors' son is Pride and the oldest one out of the humunculi.)

    3rd-Major General Amrstrong (who is never mentioned in the anime and is Alex Louis Armstrongs' older sister.) Lied to get into the 'chosen' group that serve the father (1st Humunculi) and is now starting her own war and her soldiers (who are all bad ass, tough mf's) are starting the war Mustang already started.

    4th-Mustangs' group are somewhere in the underground fighting a war they started and I still don't know how they are doing at the moment.

    5th-Gah!!!! I don't know, you get this far in the manga and you learn about everyone and come to really care about what happens to them and there is a war going on and everybody the author/creater gets you to care about is in danger and just grrr/gah/kyaah!

    6th-Greed (Ling) Where'd he go?

    Okay that's about it for now.

    Wonder if anyone will even post anything in this, hmmm . . . ???

  10. Ah, ha, I will have posted like three posts in a row now, yay!

    A cliffhanger has left me going, wtf? The story picked up and Fai's story is still the saddest of all. Poor Syaoran though, having to break ties with his family and the life he knew before and then he was taken prisoner by that damn Fei Wang and grrr . . . And now the clone is uber powerful and stronger than Syaoran, Fai said it, not me so it doesn't look good for the real Syaoran and that part in the last chapter where Fai went vamp and started kicking ass was great!C:%5CDocuments%20and%20Settings%5CAll%20Users%5CDocuments%5CMy%20Pictures%5CSample%20Pictures%5CVampireFai.jpgFai Vampire


  11. And of course Tsunade can save Chouja and Kakashi! However

    TEAM MOTHERFUCKING GAI ARE BACK FROM THEIR MISSION!!!!!:D Can you say beat down time?! And a lot of the more powerful clans are now fighting the different Pains, still mission Hyuuga's. Tsunade vs Pain! FInally, I've been waitin to see her fight since the Sannin 3 way, and she know's the secret to this Pain's power, so there goes his edge.

    I completely agree with that. It's about time this battle was amped up, now it is entirely time to kick some serious Pain ass. As for Naruto clones, predictable much?

  12. Sledge, I hope your aren't right because that would seriously be some b.s. And Konohamaru is going to be saved and all that jazz, naturally, at least it appears to be interesting, but killing off all the adults would be a serious disappointment because then Konoha would be over run with a bunch of kids and grr . . . but anyway, at least it seems that the village, at least the adult shinobi are recognizing Naruto in a less hateful way so that makes me happy, *It's about damn time they did to begin with.*

  13. Ok now that I caught up once again and have seen the recent chapter . . . WTF? Kakashi can't die that is utter bs!!! Grrrrr If what Sledge said happens that will be even more wtf to bitch about. At least the story is getting somewhere I guess with Kyuubi interfering with Sage mode and Konoha getting its ass kicked and all so that makes me somewhat sated for a while. But still Kakashi, grrrrr. Kyaah!

  14. Well alright it turned interesting, but Naruto finishing the Sage training and . . . agreeing with Sledgstone and Goku here. I just hope it continues to stay interesting and doesn't end up dragged out like some other manga I know . . . Wtf on Naruto's training and this Tsunade 'Call back Naruto' Kyaah, still aggravating.:banghead:

    But I was cheering when Kakashi in all his awesomeness shows up and saves Iruka.

  15. WTF? Okay, now this is some bs. The story is being way too rushed through and now he's alive, What? I seriously hope Pein rips Konoha a new . . . Gah, just for some entertainment and look perfect Sas meesed up. Tch. Blah . . .<_< Could rant, but too irritated.