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    Video Games, TV, hanging out, robotics.
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    Inuyasha, Gundam G/SEED/Wing, Db Z/GT, Fullmetal Alchemist, YYH, Evangeleon, Naruto, Trigun,S-Cry-Ed
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    Fable, Jade Empire, Sudeki, Halo 1&2, MechAssault2, Legacy of Kain, more...
  1. Dire Wolf9

    He's back!

    Yeah, the whole return of Naraku was not much fun. Too bad Bonktsu threw his life away like that, he could have amade an awesome ally against Naraku. Can't they come up with a new enemy? Like a really powerful deamon from the mainland or something? China perhaps? Also, waht's up with Sesshomaru? Why didn't he help much with anything. They could have made a show without him, he just wonders around, looking for something or whatever. I missed a lot of the episodes between 1 and 40, is there something he's looking for?
  2. Dire Wolf9

    He's back!

    Lol, I just tape my shows and fast forward through the commercials. That's what a handy-dandy VCR is for. And since I have like 3 tapes, I don't need stupid DVR.
  3. Dire Wolf9

    He's back!

    Inuyasha is back on, Tuesdays at 12:30PM ET So, technically that's Wednesday morning. I don't know if it's new episodes or reruns though.
  4. Dire Wolf9

    Who Knew?

    Actually it si possible if you have brocken your arm in sertain places or have some type of a disability.
  5. Dire Wolf9

    Who Knew?

    You're right, but I didn't feel like spending time to change around all the words. It Ins't a jkoe tohguh
  6. Dire Wolf9

    Who Knew?

    Pearls melt in vinegar.-Ever read Johnny Tremain? It mentiones in the first chapeter tht a queen(I believe Cleopatra) drank pearls in vinegar to show off her riches) The grapes one was obvious, and I believe that someone was actually able to fold a paper 8 times. Also, did you know that when we read words, we don't actually read every letter? As long as the first and the last letters are in the same spot, we can sitl raed it. Lol, I did tohse on purpose.
  7. A telemarketer once hung up on our neighbor. lol. Seriously, they talked on and on and on...
  8. It's kind of funny how some of you people watch Daxter's Lab and Family guy. It's like "and how old are you?":wtf: lol. I am much more into anime now. I used to watch a bunch of cartoons. Still enjoy some, but here in the US, anime is like the main stuff on tv that isn't so terrible that it fries your brain, lol. No offense. Billy and Mandy show, is increible stupid, a lot of Nick toons and Disney toons are very terrible. I mean like the new Catscratch? WTF is up with that? Or the Brandy and Mr. Whiskers, or some other shows on during the day. I usually turn the channel as soon as one of those badly drawn and pointless shows comes on. I do like American Dragon Jake Long. That's not a bad show. Off Topic: Actually that's not entirely true. If you stay away from the submissions that are rated M and do not go to the Mature section, you can view some pretty good and clean submissions. There are a lot of funny ones. They say that they try to keep the site clean from all the inapropriate stuff, but they are not doing a very good job.
  9. Lol, I had no idea asnyone else liked Swat Cats, sweet! Not in order: Simpsons Family Guy Futurama Swat Cats Fairly Odd Parents Justice League Teen Titans(although it's kinda Japanese) Static Shock The Batman Spider Man There are more, but can't remember now. Internet: Tomorow's Nobodies Arj and Poopie Decline of Video Gaming and more I can't remember. Most of which are on Newgrounds.
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