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    Girl Bands

    Yeah they're pretty cool too. But I prefer the Pointer Sisters becuase I'm more familiar with their music since I was a kid. I wodner if this dude likes girls bands too... Yeah I know it's a male puppet that barely knows how to play the drums. But he's a pretty cool puppet because he's intersted in music. I think that's why he's already got a small female audience obssessing over him. Maybe he can back up some female puppet singers or soemthing.
  2. Sexiest Actor/Actress: Johnny Depp. We all knew he's a great actor and is sexy. Sexiest Singer: This is a hard one. Possibly Mick Jagger. I know that he's old and everything, but today is his birthday, and I'm glad he's doing something great with his life - staying with the music, traveling, touring, being as healthy as he can, and exercising. I think that his solo work is the best out of everything he's done with the Stones, even. One song I love by him is "Old Habits Die Hard." This song came off of the movie soundtrack Alfie. If you guys have heard this song, what's your thouhgts on it?
  3. I listen to music constantly as well. I used to listen to a lot more music during the night, but I heard it's bad for me. So i quit doing that. But I've been listening to so many bands lately. I've currently been switching off between Van Halen, Scorpions, and KISS. They're just awesome bands. One song that's been stuck in my head is Kiss's "Hard Luck Woman." It's a nice, sorta romantic song. What do you guys think of it? KISS - Hard Luck Woman http://www.napster.com/player/tracks/14016312
  4. I ahve listened to Fort Minor. They're not that bad. But they just remind me of Linkin Park. I know there's a at least one member from there, but the music seems sorta the same to me. Actually, what did you think of the song "Petrified?" When I first heard this song, I thought it was LP. I hadn't heard of FM yet. So when my friend told me that this song was by Fort Minor, I guess I was surprised. Then I expored their music online on Napsterlinks, and it's not too bad. Petrified (Album Version) by Fort Minor http://www.napster.com/player/tracks/16049178
  5. I've liked TBS for a while now too. I haven't seen them live, but their music is just awesome. I think the first time I heard their music was a year or two ago at a friend's house. I can't even remember what song it was that I liked that got me into them, but I know that one of my favorite songs by them is "Make Damn Sure." What's your favorite TBS song? Make Damn Sure (Album Version) by Taking Back Sunday http://www.napster.com/player/tracks/16609247
  6. http://www.napster.com/player/tracks/16577385 My friend is currently a new Electronic/Dance artist. You guys should check out Frost-RAVEN - "Rewind." He is on napster.com/napsterlinks. Just click on the link above, and enter your email address. After that, you will be able to hear the full length song of "Rewind." It's an awesome song.
  7. whoa! Goosebumps. Seriously. I found some of it very sad...but all compelling.
  8. Nice. I'm looking forward to see more from you sledgestone.
  9. Good eye, Ladywriter! I wouldn't be surprised if it was product placement.
  10. Okay, so I'm going to earn some dork points, but I'm going to say The Hobbitt...I was so looking forward to fighting Smaug...and then some NPC gets to do it. Eesh.
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