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    Well, I am not what you expected, that I can tell you...
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    On a planet where I must do my time...until called...
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    I, as Shinra Soldier ~ Product Number 088, am to lead the Shinra Cavalry Scouts.
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    Full Metal Alchemist
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    Super Mario RPG
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    The Wheel of Time series
  1. Any chance you could put some of the others after the time skip, Lady? Or maybe a link to some other pics?
  2. One of mine would have to be Asuka, oh, and Rose from FMA!
  3. Wow, HC... thats about all that comes to mind after reading "Rain"...
  4. Sweet, this is getting better and better Kuwabara!I can't wait to see who else gets introduced and done away with! Or who the real hero will be, perhaps heroine... I just hope you have some plan for this next part, so we don't have to wait another 2 or so months!
  5. ... We may finally know what happens next... PUT THE PEN AND PAPER AWAY AND START TYPING ALREADY!!!
  6. I think I'll start tryin to find the DVD's...but would ebay be the best place? I have seen plenty of anime/manga stuff on there at really good prices, but i don't know how questionable they are...
  7. Any one know much about this one? I have been searching for another anime/manga to start collecting, so far I am trying to get Cromartie High School and Naratu stuff but I also found Flame of Recca on the Viz site and I thought it might be worth checking out... basically another ninja thingy, but I think it doesn't look too bad.
  8. Just make sure the hands that are writing this thing are left on the owner otherwise we'll never know at all! ...so whats the plan?...
  9. I'm just hoping for the next chapter!
  10. Wow, it's been a while since the last chapter... i wonder who'll be introduced and exited...
  11. I'd like to make one: Full Metal Alchemist... I can locate the pics an stuff... i just wish i had a scanner cause i have some i'd like to use outta the manga...
  12. I could explain it to ya's but I don't know how much you want revealed. I've seen the whole thing, and lady's right it is sad...
  13. Wow, this is good, makes me wish I were a vet than the new guy so I could be in it!
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