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  1. Logan

    4kids editing

    Lol 4kids loves rap... Pokerap anyone
  2. Hmm he has super ninja powers cause he kicks all the bad guys asses. When hes red x hes so strong he took all the titans out by himself
  3. I think cyborg is the most limited if you ask me . My favorite character is... I dunno I like all of them lol. Did anyone see the one where cyborg gets the max7 thing? The bad guy in that one is so good.
  4. Yeah I watch theese occasionally and they accually arn't that bad.
  5. Lol I remember that one it was hillarious I forgot what they did with the cows though
  6. They better make new episodes or I'll be mad...grr!
  7. Boy that would get hella boring lol.
  8. If you ask me I think Cyborg is the worsed when they go 100% compared to the others. I mean when you see BeastBoy go his full hes so good and so is Raven.
  9. Logan


    I've read a couple hundred of the manga episodes but I've never watched it. I think its a really good story.
  10. Yeah that episode was great. Slade kicks so much butt lol.
  11. Logan

    Don Kreig

    Thats so horrible the baddest bad guy so far uses suction cups as weapons? Maybe it was a good idea to stop watching after liek the 6th episode lol.
  12. Logan

    Don Kreig

    Wow didn't see that but it was really cool in the manga. Sounds like they are editing out way to much...
  13. I only read them I don't watch that many shows lol.
  14. What time is it on? Is it on Adult Swim?
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