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  1. I knew thq was gonna do it as soon as they closed the studio that did home front and asked crytek to make the follow up to it.
  2. Barter Frog

    Hip Hop/Rap

    When did Chain Hang Low become good rap! I will give you a short list of people to listen to! Tupac anything by him for the most part. Nas Illmatic, Stillmatic and Hip Hop is Dead Gym Class Heroes, The Papercut Chronicles Sway, This is my Demo Imago Dei, you can get the guy off of my myspace Don't talk bad about nursery rhymes cause em did his thing on mockingbird and that was pretty sweet. actual meaning to it.
  3. Barter Frog

    Hip Hop/Rap

    i leave for like 2 minutes and you guys give a retard an opinion about hip hop! I think Three six mafia is hip hop. I think they are the best. Your fucking ignorant. I can tell ya that right now. Especially if you think we should listen to them when they were underground. When they were underground they weren't known as three six mafia dumbass. If you want to talk rap and hip hop. Open your mind. Go buy a copy of illmatic from nas, listen to the tupac greatest hits cd. Go to myspace.com and check out a guy i went to school with. His rap name is Imago Dei Go search artist. Appreciate music! Listen to something with substance. Respect yopur ears. Don't destroy em. Don't worry everybody there will be a new stray song sometime in the next month or two for the people that want to hear lyricism, not a fucking beat. Screw the clubs. Music is about your heart and appreciation. If you don't appreciate, then you can go fuck yourself. I know what everyones thinking. Damn i became an ass. No just opened my eyes to a lot of retardedness. Go put on Talib Kweli and learn something. Blackstar will be back with something soon. Kweli and mos def together are genius'.
  4. Barter Frog

    Girl Bands

    Not to many girl bands out there. There used to be a lot of good acts though. TLC, Dream and nobody gives credit to the vocals of All Saints. Lead singers Veruca Salt and No Doubt, Sneaker Pimps
  5. Singer I would have to say is Baby Blue. She's a rapper from the UK. Actress would have to be elisabeth shue. I've had a crush on her forever. Person would have to be my girlfriend.
  6. Barter Frog

    Fort Minor

    I think the song right now is very good. I absolutley love the track called feel like home. One of the guys from styles of beyond says that it's kind of scary when your so far left that even death looks right. I thought that was catchy as hell.
  7. Barter Frog

    Fort Minor

    The cd itself is lyrically amazing. Mike is very good at what he does. What impressed me is that he mixed the cd himself. So it was literally his decision on how it sounded. I thought that was pretty cool. I still love the song kenji. It's about his family with world war 2 and the internment camps.
  8. Barter Frog

    Fort Minor

    The cd is freaking sweet. There actually isn't too much cussing though. But absolutely amazing. Also everybody check out my page on myspace and tell me what you think. search the music directory for stray. that is me. I promise you. eppy and cabbit and lady are all on there already.
  9. Barter Frog

    Fort Minor

    Has anybody else listened to this group. It's got mike from linkin park. It's him pretty much alone with some guest rappers. Jay-Z produced the album. The thing is pretty amazing. Cigarettes is such a great track. Light it up and give people some second hand rap.
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