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    following you in the shadows, protecting as the moon, wiping your tears, I will always be here for u
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    Drawing, Field hockey, Track
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    Gundam Wing, FLCL, Hellsing
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    Devil May Cry
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    Tears of the Moon
  1. Alucard (Hellsing), Duo Maxwell (Gundam) Well, most of the G-boys *drools*, Super Saiyen 1 Goku (DBZ), Kurama (YYH) and that's all i can think of right at the moment..
  2. present with a little fantasy. Like with CCS or future like with Gundam
  3. *GASP* no way!!! I've seen maybe two irl and they are the cutest things!!!
  4. whoo! I simply adore the Hellsing manga! I have yet to see the anime, but it's so morbid and the drawing is soo well!!! I have a pic I drew of Alucard. If anyone would like to see it.
  5. X is a series done by Clamp kinda concerning the apocalpyse (eeeks spelled that totally wrong!) with earth and heaven dragons and finding destinys. You shoudl check it out for more details.
  6. how can you not like manga?! i think it adds a bit more then certain animes do.
  7. I just don't like the animation too much or the whole storyline...
  8. I think any anime done by Clamp has pretty animation. Like X, Magic Knight Rayearth;etc
  9. I really liked Ninja Scroll. and my least face anime has got to be: bubblegum crisis
  10. *ahem* yeah..... Awww! That pic kinda looks cute with the exception of what it really is. Now, did the japanese just run out of ideas and resorted to desperation or was this a big joke?
  11. Chobits was one of the first manga series I got into. It's totally cute, but since I read the manga first and then watched the anime, I thought the dubbed voices didn't fit the characters correctly as to what i thought they'd sound like.
  12. Does anyone mind telling me what's so great about this and what it has to do with Alchemists? Because weren't alchemists people in the middle east trying to make plain common metals into gold, or am I wrong? Anyways it's all over the latest Newtye and Animerica.
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