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  1. I changed my mind Kyo is A LOT cuter and Haru isn't to bad himself
  2. redhot11

    who do you hate?

    Well if she just went back to modern day Japan and decided not to go back to Feudal Japan then eventually InuYasha would just go and get her.
  3. 1)InuYasha 2)Fruits Basket 3)Full Metal Alchemist 4)Ghost in the Shell:Stand Alone Complex 5)YYH 6)Kenchin 7)Rave Master 8)Evangelion(sp) 9)Wolf,s Rain 10)FLCL(sry but it was pretty funny to bad they canceled it) I have many more but those were just off the top of my head^_^
  4. redhot11

    who do you hate?

    As i kinda got farther into the series Kagome has alot of moments with InuYasha but she pretty much ruins alot of them.
  5. and being a cat-type demon, of course she's vulnerable to cat nip. You ever watch a cat playing with that stuff...IT'S HILARIOUS!!!) Yeah my 2 cats play with that stuff all the time it's hilarious!!! Especially those little things where you can dip them into the cat nip, my cats play tug-a-war with those all of the time;I could just die laughing!!!!!X'D
  6. redhot11

    who do you hate?

    I mean i the only 1 who thinks this or is Kikyo all full of:bs:
  7. redhot11

    who do you hate?

    Thanks ill try that
  8. Oh yeah I almost forgot Yuki and Kyo(Fruits Basket) (Yuki is way hotter though)
  9. InuYasha,Koga,Sesshomaru(InuYasha),Kenchin(Kenchin),Ed(Full Metal Alchemist),Joey(Yu-Gi-Oh),Yuska,Kurama,Hiei(wrong spelling i know)(YuYu Hakashu)Haru,Musica(Rave Master)and many more i just can't think of them right now!!!
  10. I don't have much I have the 1st full season of InuYasha(eps.1-27),2 DVDs,and a ton of different anime shows recorded on my TiVo (some deleted 'cause it wont hold that much) but I obsesivly watch especialy on Saturday.:hugegrin:
  11. redhot11

    who do you hate?

    i don't hate Kagome but i absolutely HATE KIKYO i mean she just ticks me off. She's always like "i'm sad it's all about me no one can be with InuYasha not even me." i mean if she's so depressed and all then why doesn't she just go back to hell no one is forcing her to stay.So why doesn't she just leave InuYasha and Kagome alone!!!
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