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    Anime MV Making And Gaming ;D
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    no adena :(
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    Berserk, Macross Zero and Record Of Lodoss War AND...!! Grove Rave Adventure
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    WoW, Onimusha 1,2&3, C&C series
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    ...i don't read books =.=
  1. Bureda

    who do you hate?

    she's ugly... her attitude pisses you off... her emotions always are retarted... she doesn't deserve to be main role... always sucks up and somehow always gets the good parts... I..personally would commit suicide if i had to guard someone like her. =.= ;p
  2. My Favourite Villains would be: *Orochimaru * and hundreds more..but he popped up in my mind first. ^^;
  3. Bureda

    Favorite character.

    Seshomaru is my Favourite...he's simply God =.=
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