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    i am in college
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    married life can be considered a hobby?
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    freelance graphic artist bitches
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  1. i didn't even realize the style was coming out that way.. 0.o
  2. Thanks everyone. I like how her boobs came out after photoshop
  3. oooo thats rare to get a "freakin" from dxito thank you
  4. it was for a class. so i HAD to spend that much time on it
  5. technically. yes. First i sketched out in pencil, scanned it in. Then in photoshop i colored the sketch in one layer (i used the brush tool) and used the actual picture in another layer as a reference. It took about 5 hours.
  6. Kristen Kreuk. Lana Lang from smallville... but...
  7. wow. its green. my yard hasn't changed since they built my house almost a decade ago. it still has nails and concrete blocks from the construction.
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