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  1. Doesnt it have the little brush thingy? im not sure but i sold my game to someone else along with the guide for the same price, then bought GTA3, i loved that one even though it doesnt have all that much to it, it still kicked ass!
  2. you betcha, the most intresting thing about it is how he really can fall in love with her even though hes this big freakin pervert, well its a good read and is nice if u like a little bit of romance//comedy
  3. its quite annoying, i checked out the company site thing and they dont offer any replacement or anything else in that form of matter..how crapy
  4. no problem... i have the second dvd of the series
  5. its a wonderful game but its the point that 100 percent cant be reached! -shoots himslef in the leg- gah!
  6. well go to the air port and try to do the flying race that is like 7. somethin miles or so and you should start off with a barron plane, or crop duster some call it, and before you hit the first corona the game will freeze...at least thats what mine does, but yes i do admit the gameplay is quite fun and the storyline isnt bad either
  7. http://www.animewallpapers.com/wallpapers/chobits/ that has quite a few pics of chi! i dont know how to insert images sorry
  8. Chobits is one of my favorite anime's and mangas...my favorite manga would be love hina though ^^; sexy ladies...anywho chi is really cute and not to mention the story line is awsome.
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