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  1. Thanks! But I'm sure you can do it, too! Set a goal and work!
  2. Dang it. I just applied for my first credit card. *sigh*
  3. I look better because I'm next to him! OMG I was pretty much the person in charge of making them happy, and over seeing their assistants. I talked so much I lost my voice by Saturday, and this con went on to monday. I barely talked to him, though. I kept turning red and gushing. Not professional. I think I was holding my breath in that pic with him. In my head I'm just doing cart-wheels screaming "HE TOUCHED ME!":nosebleed:
  4. Oh come on! We as fans should know by now that when the thing we love changes mediums, and different people are brought in to make it, and money and time and other things are factored in, that it can't be exactly the same. You see it not being the thing you fell in love with, but I see it as the thing I love evolving and growing.
  5. This is a pretty amazing show! I started watching for the animation, but I can't stop watching for the story line. The art is beautiful! It's a style I've always been a fan of. Reminds me greatly of Studio Ghibli, imo. I'm almost done with it. I'm on ep8 of 11. I'm def gonna be sad to finish it.
  6. Imagine! It's the future. There is Minako... AND her daughter! That would be great. If all the old scouts had kids that then became scouts. It's a legacy... except it wouldn't work for Sailor Uranus and Neptune. You know... cuz they gay. And what about Sailor Pluto? Is she gonna turn rogue and no longer be a scout, seeing as how it's no longer a planet since the origional show aired?
  7. Lucky that you didn't have to go in! I did, every day for about 5 days. Then they tell me I wasn't picked and my check will be in the mail. Barely made $50. Only time I can say "I'd rather be at work."
  8. Ya! Alex Kingston was cool! She doesn't do convrmyions normally, she told me, because she thinks is weird how many people are obsessed with her. We did have a few weirdos we had to keep away from her, too!
  9. http://www.themarysue.com/new-sailor-moon-anime/ It's not that new, being announced on July 6th, but no one else was saying any thing! OMG, the first anime I ever watched is coming back! I hope they follow through and we don't have to wait forever. It's said to be coming out some time in 2013! No news yet on what it will be about. What are you all hoping for? A remake? A prequel of when they were all princesses before they were reborn? I personally would love a futuristic sequel where Sailor Moon is the moon princess and Rini is now in training to be a scout with a new set of characters for her scout friends. That would rock so much socks.
  10. LeeLee

    My Florida Supercon 2012 photos

    A few of the pics I took while working guest relations for Supercon.
  11. Just finished working at Florida Supercon just before the 4th of July! I got promoted to staff! Yay! I worked with all the "celebrity" guests for the con. I pretty much got to hang out with Dana Snider, Andy Sipes, The voices of Gir and Zim, the voice of Skeletor, and soooo many more! Also got called on to take a camera crew around and interview them all! Soooooo nervous I was, really! The two people I was most excited about working with was Alex Kingston, who played River Song from Doctor Who, and Chad Lindberg from Supernatural! Me and Chad Lindberg... on our way to get married.
  12. Oh, and when I was 17 I herniated a disk in my back because I was over weight. It's so bad that I have numbness in my toes from sciatica. But I was told to lose weight and it would relieve some of the pain. I'm 26 now. It took me a year, but I lost 47 pounds and have kept it off since. If I can do it with a disability while going through years of physical therapy that I need just to walk, then you can do it, too! I have faith!!!
  13. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-18770328 Might find this interesting! It's a body fat ratio chart that compares you to the rest of the world. I'm like 85% skinnier than most women in the usa ages 19-29! I had some blood work done a year ago, and I found out that I have a vit D deficiency because I don't get enough sun. This is something that's getting really common now with people staying inside on their computers all day. I fractured a bone in my foot just by running and having weak bones! I used to work at a healthfood store. I know a lot about proper diets and suppliments. If you have any questions I could prolly help you. Pretty much there is no such thing as a magic pill that makes you lose weight, and a lot of the ones out there don't actually work. The biggest mistake people make when they try to lose weight is that they don't eat enough. Starving yourself may work in the begining, but over time your body will panic and stop burning your fat cells and instead will attack your muscle and organs. If you do lose weight this way you'll only be hurting yourself. Also, while doing this, most of the fat you do take in will be stored, and this can cause weight gain, even though you are eating less. It's better to eat 6 small meals in a day, than three big ones, too!
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