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  1. Chobits was by first manga and now I own the whole series. I totally agree that it is great. Really cute. ~Chii~*points at everything* "Hediki! Hediki! Hediki!"
  2. Yumiko

    Fav couple?

    I would say Miroku and Sango really...Maybe cuz Sango is my favorite character on there..and I can't stop laughing at that stupid perveted monk^^
  3. My least favorite is Pokemon...wait is that even considered anime? How about Digimon, YuGiOh, Monster Ranchers, DBZ, Beyblade, etc.....?I don't like the little kid plotted ones. I guess they have to have something for the little ones but Pokemon? Er..How about not. I'm not much for Trigun or Lupin III either...just not my style.
  4. Hiei! *Looks at own sig* Yep, going to have to go with Hiei on this one.
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