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  1. dude, I borrowed them for the holidays, and I got to ep 40, and there was no more. I asked my friend if there were only 40, cause that was a horrible ending, he said no, there are 3 more, he just couldn't find the last disc. he never said that!! makes me mad grrrr.... now all i have is naruto, gundam wing, and .hack//sign(which is pretty daggon good)
  2. I first saw vandread when it came on action channel the first time. hibiki... has no idea how lucky he is
  3. guys, I am literally on the floor laughing my ass off.... that is just too hilarious
  4. I borrowed the whole thing from my friend mickey for christmas break and I'm around ep 18 BWAHAHA! I have no life... Anyway, I love it. It's so funny, the bestest anime of it's kind EVAR!
  5. OH MY GOD YOU GUYS!!! this is like, phenominal!! I love this anime. I finished it, not 5 minutes ago, and I've never re watched an anime, it just isn't the same, but this one is amazing. The ending is sad, but what anime isn't? GOD I can't get off of this!!
  6. he finished?! YAY! (lmao at your banner ladywriter )
  7. time period doesn't really matter to me, as long as it is action, fantasy, adventure, I don't care when
  8. EDWARD ELRIC!! "Who did you call a micro midget that is so small you can't target him?!!?" * hahaha, god FMA is SOOOO de bomb, can you say GAWD BOMB!
  9. It's just awesome for an adventure/action anime. So mysterous.
  10. me stopped around ep 13. wasnt crazy abuot it, but I mostly knew the ending. pretty sure gatts lives, I mean, considering it's all a flash back. no, not a spoiler. the first ep tells it all with him as an adult fighting dick-tongue guy. \
  11. ok, back on the FMA subject. just finished episode 5 and I AM IN LOVE!
  12. I want to see elmer to go shotty crazy and hunt some real fucking wabbit!
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