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  1. Crimson King


    Lol indeed that isgood. I'm drinking right now too and this encouraged me to drink more .
  2. Sigh - Hangman's Hymn - Dies Irae/The Master Malice Hangman's Hymn is an awesome album! Just got it in the mail today, and I just can't stop listening to it.
  3. I feel your pain! One year even I forgot my own birthday. Lol. As you get older you just want to forget them. But if it's really important to you, do something special for yourself, if nobody else will. Happy late b-day, too!
  4. Well, not sure what kind of advice to give you... don't take it too badly, dude. Us men get turned down a lot. That's a part of life. You're not going to get every chick you want. You'll also never meet a guy that's never been turned down before. It's female nature to be difficult !! What I'd do is just go up to every woman I like and just talk to them. Just be yourself. When you go to the dance, I'm sure you'll see single young ladies there too, just like yourself. Go up and ask for a dance if you see nobody dancing with them. Don't worry if they're there with anybody or not. If they were, their man should've been holding on to 'em! Approaching women is kinda like fighting: sometimes you win, other times you get your ass handed to you. But are you gonna let the fear of defeat shake your resolve? No!
  5. Cheer up! It could always be worse, my friend. You could go to sleep at 1 in the morning after putting in a hard 24 hour day, be woken up at 4 by "Red alert, red alert, red alert, the base is under a direct attack," spend 2 hours inside a warm, piss smelling bunker with all your gear while having ants the size of spiders crawl down your pants and bite the shit out of you, only to get out of the bunker and sift through scattered limbs, entrails, and other mangled pieces of human to find out which ones are your best friend's and which ones belong to the local nationals. Well, what I'm trying to say is it could be a whole lot worse than what it is now. When I think about a bad day in the States, it would be like a great day here. You have family, beer, females, freedom, good food, nobody trying to kill you, clothes, a frickin' house with a bed, etc. You have every reason to be happy! Enjoy it! Don't let the small shit get you down. Life is too damn short to be depressed all the time!
  6. I'm sorry but... LMAO! Your Dad is awesome .
  7. Defending The Throne of Evil by Carpathian Forest. Just bought it; these guys rule!
  8. Crimson King

    Starcraft 2

    Whoaa! That's freakin' awesome! I love Starcraft. I used to play that game over and over and over. It never got old for me. Couldn't watch the videos becuse I'm on damn Haji Net . From what I see from the pictures though it looks awesome!
  9. Haha... this reminds me of myself about 8 months ago, when I posted the same thing on here . Well, once you've graduated, post and let me know! Perhaps we'll trade some of the crazy stories we have with one another?
  10. Hmmm... even though I hate to say it, I'd have to say Kenshin. I have two sides to me -- one that's good, and the other is a violent side. But I'm usually on my good side . But mainly, I just think a lot like him. It's actually scary how much alike we think and things we do. And every one of those "which anime character are you most like," I ALWAYS get Kenshin if Kenshin is on there. Also, I'm into swords and stuff. In fact, I'm going to be learning sword fighting.
  11. Lol yeah, no kidding. But why does she even go back to ancient Japan? If she went back into ancient Japan, and her present Japan was alright... what's the point? It doesn't seem like she'd be saving the world.
  12. Kagome's friends are also annoying.
  13. 1.) Naruto 2.) Yu Yu Hakusho 3.) Bleach 4.) FMA 5.) Kenshin/X 6.) Hellsing 7.) DBZ/GT 8.) Cowboy Bebop 9.) Vampire Hunter D/Bloodlust 10.) Inuyasha These, except for the top two, are just in random order.
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