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    i am a guy who likes fnice cars and anime
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    in your dreams
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    inuyasha, fullmetal alchemist, Ghost in the Shell, Salor Moon
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    halo2,gta san andreas,and mgs3
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    R.A. Salvatore's books
  1. dont touch me. k we can talk just dont touch me
  2. lol dont take it personally i say that to every1 i scare mimiru sometimes cause i act serous and pretend im gonna kick his ass
  3. ahhhhh stalker!!!!!!! *sprints really far*
  4. ok then.........*slowly backs away from godgrade*......thats ummm.........*is pretty far away now*......later dude*turns around and runs away*
  5. ummm probally more than a half the ppl on the face of the earth
  6. yes if u thought that was bad then fedic..........*sigh*it gets alot worse. that part was really sad though that guy was sick and wrong. crazy mother fucker
  7. lol not just the third movie sesshomaru kicks ass everywhere
  8. mine works fine the game is so much fun
  9. well sledge its like a 6 way time between these pictures these 2 are funny cause look at sess, inu, and kagome their mouths are just gaping open in awe
  10. oh god i dont like posting parts of movies cause admins allways yell at me so i aint saying anything but i luv that part and like every moment of this movie
  11. i know i just got it a lil' while ago this movie kicks ass
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