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  1. Toy Machine


    Other good one are: Salt in Our Wounds Right Here in My Arms The Sacrament Vampire Heart Heaven Tonight Circle of Fear And Love said No (616 Remix) Pretending
  2. Michale Graves of The Misfits 2nd Carnation is very right and sometimes posts on www.conservativepunk.com. The idea makes me laugh, but oh well. From the site: At Conservative punk, our mission is threefold: To inform today's youth that identify themselves with the punk scene with the facts, rather than rumor and conspiracy theory. To encourage today's youth to register to vote and become engaged in politics. To encourage youth voters to draw their own conclusions rather than indoctrinate them into a certain way of thinking. Punk music has been, and still is, one of the most heavy-handed genres of music there is. Unfortunately the topics of such heavy-handed songs are almost always seeped in left wing propaganda, bumper sticker rallying calls and oversimplifications of otherwise complex topics. Unfortunately the websites established by such bands to further their political views don't offer much more by way of information and truth than the music does. We at conservative punk mean to be the foil to this trend. We plan on filling in the gaps. We will offer our own views while still urging young punks to search for their own conclusions. Hopefully in doing so we will energize and excite young people enough to become engaged in politics and exercise their power at the ballot box.
  3. A quick list of my recent favorites. 1. Mayonaise [siamese Dream] 2. Muzzle [MCIS] 3. I of the Mourning [Machina] 4. Shame [Adore] 5. Cherry [b-Side] 6. 1979 [MCIS] 7. Soma [siamese Dream] 8. Perfect [Adore] 9. Blissed and Gone [Judas-0] 10. Drown [single's Soundtrack]
  4. Simpsons Family Guy GI Joe Transformers American Dad Robot Chicken Venture Bros. X-Men (90s) Spiderman (90s Orig.)
  5. Toy Machine


    They've had some great songs and are good acoustic. Have you heard Gavin's new band, Institute? Its a lot more raw than Bush.
  6. Old ones all they way. Just look at how the Dean and Hank dress/talk.
  7. I love it. It takes Johnny Quest to a new level.
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