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  1. Yes.. and I hate all the shotguns on gun master.. I can't get a kill worth a damn, but when I have a revolver I'm getting taken out with one shot all the time.

    That top 5 on gun master is the last major hurdle for my assignments. When CQ first came out I got in the top 7 quite a few times, but I never cared for that game mode. Then that assignment came out and I've only tried to get it a handful of times. Have you had any luck with the weapon camo assignments? I got my L96 350 meter headshot on my brother. 350 meters is a pain in the ass to get. I have 30 hours of gameplay with recon and I've only gotten a headshot over 300 maybe 5 times. So after I got a headshot of 315 I said to hell with it, we jumped on opposite teams and we headshotted each other. X'D

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