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  1. Lmao! X'D That EOD bot kill was a bit challenging. I got it on a round of tdm. Someone left a resupply kit in some bushes, so i proned on it and kept getting my eod bots resupplied as they were destroyed. lol. I kept sending out eod bots and i finally got the kill by sneeking up on a guy, torched him.. he ran and turned around as i slowly brought my eod bot towards him with the torch blazing. Those damn bots go so fast, I had to creep up on him. It was hilarious, he took 3 shots at my bot with a shotgun and missed each time and my torch finished him off. X'D

    Whats really funny is that someone got an eod bot kill on me on kharg island on a round of conquest. I was in a tank taking fire from some rpg guy. Killed him, and then my hit points started dropping fast. Nothing was on my proximity scan and I blew up before I could jump out. I got killed by the damn EOD bot while in a tank. :P

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