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  1. Nice. I still need to get some squad resupplies to finish mine.. I think I'm going to be focusing on my recon this weekend. I'm about to get a service star with my L96. I love getting a good headshot on someone from a distance. :P

    Oh, and I got suppression assists with the m320 smoke too. Maybe it did some splash damage, either that or the smoke counts towards suppression. BTW, my best underslung hit was when I m320 grenaded a scout helicopter. lol. It was flying low to shoot at a group of my team mates and I was on top of a hill and had a clean shot. I got a vehicle disable, saw it crash spectacularly, and then lobbed another one at it for the destroy. The guy must have jumped out at some point because I didn't get the kill tho. I wish I had recorded a video of that. It was awesome. :P

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