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  1. Finally, I've been wanting dual attachments for awhile. I'll have to watch the video again as I was really just paying attention to the use of the riot shield.

    I guess I should say I'm only a corner camper in S&D (while on defense) as it's the most reliable way to defend the crates (yea running around and killing them first works to but I prefer to wait for my prey to come to me). Otherwise, pending on play mode, I'm a run and gun type of man (especially while playing War in WaW, my K/D ratio is really fucked up).

    Gah, if they do this professional thing and allow it on Juggernaut I'm going to be pissed. That is the most overused and cheap perk in the game. It's sad that player skill has been reduced to Juggernaut as of late (in CoD4, not so much in WaW). That being said Stopping Power, Steady Aim, Deep Penetration, and Iron Lungs will be my first pro perks when I'm allowed to get them (my most used ones as I tend to play sniper and spec ops based classes).

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