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  1. A friend was able to score me a PS5 while I was at work today. I'm pretty pumped!

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    2. DeathscytheX


      Yeah its pretty massive. I had to clear out a space in my entertainment console to put it as it wont go under on beside my TV. I gave it the biggest cove so it wont overheat.. but so far it doesn't seem to get very hot. At first it kinda smelled like burnt plastic the first hour... only when you get really close to it... I guess not burnt plastic but more like when you turn your heater on for the first time. The UI is crips and has zero lag like the PS4 when you try to move around too fast on it. The power saver options are nice as well as the conviencnes of it asking if you want to download all the major streaming apps during set up. Funi is the only thing I use since my SmartTV doesnt have that app, but still nice.

      The controller had to be updated as well, Ill use a different controller tomorrow to see if I need to do it to all 3. At first I thought it was just on the console side but it told me not to unplug it from the PS5.

      The dualsense is very nice. Its got good heft and the dynamic rumble is impressive so far. I haven't had any experiance with haptic feedback yet though.

      The HD space is a joke.... I tell you that right now. I automatically downloaded playroom, with that, some stream apps, my save data. Spider-Man and COD Cold War. My SSD is already half full.

    3. Sledgstone


      That hard drive space is the main reason I'm in no rush to get one. I read that the proprietary SSD expandable hard drive space is coming soon though. Did you get all those free PS+ games for owning a PS5 yet? Those should install an play off an external hard drive no problem. Another interesting thing my brother told me about his... he said you can take your PS4 external drive and connect it to the PS5, boot the PS5 and it will auto recognize all the installed games on it and set them up to play. And you can go into the UI and disconnect the external and plug it back into the PS4 and there won't be any issues. He was doing that for a bit until he got another external drive dedicated just for PS4 games to play on the PS5.

    4. slippers


      congrats. ^_^ i got my ps5 a couple days ago..FREE. bwhahah..my brother is moving away soon and he says with another child coming, he really doesnt have time anymore. i decided to give him my switch bc his is all messed up. anyway im still playing games on ps4 though. probably have to wait longer for more ps5 games to come out. we’ll see.

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