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  1. Did my taxes today. Got my biggest return I ever had. I found that interesting since everyone was trying to say all the stimulus checks were going to make it smaller. I also worked OT a lot this past year during the pandemic... to the tune of $11,000 extra to my base pay. XD

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    2. DeathscytheX


      Yeah the ACA or what is left of it really changed the landscape on how part time works. Right now were struggling because we've been balls to the wall letting our PTers work all the way past 40 so now we have to keep them all under 30 for the next 8 weeks to pop their avg hours back down. I remember working PT back in 2002-2004, and I'd come in 4 hours early some days, work 40+ a week because I was 18 and I wanted the money. It was my choice and eventually I did get FT.

      A lot of people look at is as if companies are abusing people by hiring them PT so they can work them 60 hours without benefits, which simply isn't true.. I'm sure it happens but as a majority rule, no one is going to stick around for that unless they want to do it. When they started forcing companies to provide healthcare to people that worked over 32 hours a week, I remember the wholesale job cuts that came, along with strictly enforcing that no PTs went over 30. People lost money. Is it right to work OT every week as a PT worker? Probably not, but everyone should have that option in case money gets tight I mean its all on lock down, even to the time clocks not letting you punch in early these days.

    3. Sledgstone


      Damn strider that sucks about your taxes. I guess there's even more wrong with the relatively new tax code than I thought.

      I will say one thing about the tax code now, I thought I'd get to itemize my taxes since I own a house now, but with the standard deduction at 12k, I'm still short of getting past that. So my taxes are still pretty straight forward, although the property taxes in NY are so high I was able to claim an itemized deduction instead of the standard for my state taxes just off the property taxes I paid. That kicked my state tax return from $30 something to $60 something this year. Lol.

      Child tax credits and earned income credit still pay out the ass to people. I could never claim it back in the day because lady's kids weren't biologically mine and we weren't married. I did rough estimated taxes to see what I'd get back if I had 2 kids a few years ago, not only do you get basically all your tax money back, but the feds will pay you thousands extra to. Its crazy to me that the federal government pays people to bred. The tax laws in this country are whacky as hell.

    4. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      See that's where we're at now. Menards fucked themselves royally at the beginning of the pandemic letting stores work their PT and FT help 50+ hours a week until my Assistant Store Manager emailed them and asked them if we were going to get reimbursed for going over payroll. Menards panicked and now we're on a strict no OT for PT at all (fuck I'm lucky if I get 30 hours a week with my boss fucking all us PT'ers over and giving OT to FT'ers and fucking our payroll to no end. That and refusing to promote me to FT even though I've fucking earned 10 times over (fuck this company and their policy of only hiring PT and making people "earn" FT)) and have been since August.

      It's not actually legal to work part-timers past whatever your state designates as the cut off (32 hours in ND) because you're not offering them benefits for doing so (and it really sucks, I really need to see my doctor but without health insurance I can't. Plus I really need to see a chiropractor but can't afford it due to the lack of hours). They're literally working lower paid help like dogs just so they can make more money (something Menards takes full advantage of and yes I just referred to myself as a dog) without sharing the wealth (one of the reasons I thinks it's stupid most companies took away benefits from PT help, reward the backbone of your company who, in a lot of cases, can't find anything better). Really wish the job market up here wasn't shit right now but with the western half of ND relying heavily on the oil field for jobs this fucking sucks ass (and while I don't disagree with Biden's decision with the Dakota Access Pipeline it really made the job market so much worse up here).

      Meh, the tax laws are wacky because they fucking change them every time a new President takes office. They need to set a standard tax rate based on tax bracket/yearly income and stick with that instead of giving all these stupid tax breaks to people who don't deserve it and continually tax the shit out of the less fortunate. While this might get me hate this is why a lot of socialist countries due better then America in so much shit, a standard set tax code works but considering this is the capital of capitalism we'll be stuck dealing with a new set of tax laws every 4-8 years.

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