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  1. I got the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G. Now that 5G is a thing, I felt it was time to get a true 5G phone. Plus the newest firmware update kind make the S10+ a little wacky. The weirdest thing is the standardization of all messaging apps. I kinda liked the facebook bubble chat heads... but now you have to activate it and it doesn't work like it use too. I turned it back off and its just like the standard SMS app with the previews and pop ups.

    Unrelated but if you use Snapchat, it doesn't really update very well. I've had it since 2014, but only recently started using it because I got a lot of work friends on it. Little did I know it had its own sound package, but it always used my standard notification when people snapped me or typed a message. When some new features came out that wouldn't appear, I deleted it and reinstalled it. It has its own notification, including one for when your BFs snap you. When I transfered all my stuff to my new phone it reverted to using the standard phone notification so I had to delete it again and reinstall. so odd.

    Anyways. The phone is big... and heavy. I like this... the ultra thin and lightweight phone thing needed to go. Shit still broke when it hit the ground. I like some heft in the hand. The screen is wild crisp. Its amazing how this tech keeps getting better. As a result the battery life is about the same. I think we peaked on that. While its bigger, so is the screen and all the features. The camera is a monster. I think its 100+ MP on the back and 40mp on the front. Its really detailed.

    One of the complaints is the camera lenses make the phone uneven in the back so it will rock on the table.. I got a casemate for mine. They've always been good to me with there ultra sleek designs that don't add too much more bulk to phones. Thankfully my case evens out the backside so it sits normal. The extra millimeter this adds to the overall thickness is again welcomed IMO. I also like how the samsung transfer app basically duped my old phone into my new one. home screen, app layout, alarms, wifi connections, etc. The only thing that didn't come over where my biometric log ins to all my sites. Also my wireless charge stand works which is a plus since I use it as a bedside clock.

    I contemplated the iPhone 12 Pro Max because most my friends have iPhone and their iMessage app now has reactions like FB messenger does. So when they use it it sends the whole text back with the "laughs at.... (novel of a text)". but Honestly I have so much invested into the Samsung ecosystem... plus I'm spoiled with my 5x5 app grid layout that Apple refuses to allow. 4 across is lame. Samsung makes better phones, and sells components to Apple anyways. I'll be riding this train until Apple can bring out something that really blows me away.

    1. Sledgstone


      The s21 looks great. I'm happy with samsung phones. I love my s20 fe. I haven't tried that brand of case before but Supcase makes a great case and is easily on par with otterbox. I've seen the apple user reaction thing plenty of times. It's so stupid. I hope sms apps do an update to turn a block of text like that into an emoji instead.

    2. DeathscytheX




      Its not ultimate protection, but its all I ever need. I don't drop phones... ever. I've only ever cracked one screen and it was my S10+ when I braced a heavy pallet on my leg where it was in my pocket. Its one of those just in case things.

    3. Sledgstone


      That looks good. BTW the camera in your phone is better than mine and I can take pics of the moon with it. Lol. Try zooming in at least 30x on the moon and tap on it. It'll auto focus amazingly well.




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