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  1. My PS4 kicked the bucket tonight. just shut off in the middle of playing it. I cant safe boot it or anything. It just beeps and doesn't come on. Guess I won't be playing any PS until I can get a 5.

    1. Sledgstone


      Damn that sucks. My ps4 screwed up once after my power went out once. It's lights just kept coming on but nothing loaded and no beeps. I unplugged it and then hit the power on button multiple times to drain the residual power in the system. I had to hit the power button like 4 times or so until it finally stopped beeping when I pushed it. Then plugged it back in and it booted and rebuilt the database and worked fine ever since.

      I had a friends ps4 screw up so bad it was the original OS, wouldn't connect to the internet and wouldn't play bluray disks. I had to download the latest ps4 OS directly from sonys website and load it to a USB, boot the ps4 into safe mode, then installed the OS from the USB. Then it worked ok.

      My ps4 almost overheated once when I was playing God of War, my cat decided to take a nap on it. After a while the ps4 sounded like a box fan. I don't let my cat on the ps4 anymore. XD


      *fixed a typo*

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