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  1. The internet is about to get lit son. I highly suggest downloading and redownloading games and other media you can use if there is no internet. XD Probably just a precaution and overraction since I was having a lot of constant loading and network errors on Azur Lane this morning. I suspect people will be hitting their mobile gaming more. I know Netflix decreased the streaming quality in Europe already anticipating this. I almost had a cow earlier when I won a PvP and it started loading a long time before registering my victory.

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    2. DeathscytheX


      Dammit Strider, Why'd you have to mention the AL twitter. I just saw all the Eagle Union ships coming up. uuuuuuuuuuuugh, I need them allllllll. XD I need Bluegill to round out a full sub fleet.

      OMG Intrepid looks so badass 😍 #RIP Cubes 😭


    3. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      XD, welcome to my world of torture

    4. DeathscytheX


      On a minor note I actually just started doing PvP a few days ago. Partially because I don't have South Dakota or Eldridge, and mostly becasue getting the Z23 skin required me to participate. The main reason I wasn't doing it was because stupid me thought it was an actual manual controlled live combat. XD  Now that I see its basically just a simulation, I run my 10 a day, which will subvert my struggle for SR Bulins.

      I say that to say, fuck everyone with Retrofit Warspite. I need to see when and what event is coming up to get that item to finish her. I try to avoid anyone with that shit in their defense fleet. She just takes a massive dump all over my back line which mine is totally not suited for PvP. Ayanami/Belfast/Tashkent are a monster combo for vanguard but my backline is totally meant for just PvE... Even though they do a ton of damage they take too long to do it. There are a few carriers that are limited event that are just insane with the AOE damage I've gone up against as well. I really should start working on Akagi and Kaga again to get that starting burst. Trying to get maximum merits, I'm half way to one of those ships. My luck South Dakota will disappear out of the shop again when I have enough and I'll have to wait how ever many days/weeks until she comes back around again like when SR Bulin is in the exchange shop. ugh.

      Its also crazy to me how there are people only at level 55 with 6 level 120 ships... wtf? I don't have a single one, and I've used Enty since day one getting MVP 80% of the time.

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