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  1. Random thought. How much is too much? I remember when I was young, and my parents had adult social gathering with friends, there was Budwiser, Miller, and Coors. Maybe some others here and there. When I came of age the selection got a bit more vast. I don't really drink beer anymore as the constant pissing and bloating isn't worth the small buzz it provides. Holy cow today there is so many damn beers tho. Like 6000 IPAs alone. How do you even decide? Especially if you're as adventurous as someone like me. You'd never be able to settle on a favorite because you want to try something new too much. There is so much that I'd forget something I liked after trying 30 more beers over the course of months. It kinda reminds me of damn yogurt. When I started in the grocery business there was 3 types of yogurt. Breyer's Cream Savers, Yoplait, and store brand. Now there's a 20 foot section of yogurt at every store... and let me tell you... MILLIONS of dollars go in the garbage every year from it going out of date. Its the biggest food waste in America. Anyways. Overall I don't drink anywhere near as much as I use to and when I do its bourbon/whiskey only. I have my tried and true, but I'd always like to venture out and try something here and there when something new would appear on the shelf... but now Bourbon is the same way. XD WTF My curiosity gets the better of me and I've tried nothing but new stuff the last 3 bottles I've gotten the past year. They've all been pretty good, but nothing mind blowing. I'm going to pick up something new again tomorrow for the kick off of Season 2 for COD. I'll stand there like an idiot for 20 min trying to decide, knowing that I won't be back for another 2 months. By that time 10 new bourbons will be out. I don't know whether to complain about it or be happy that the market is so robust after there was apparently going to be a bourbon shortage according to some reports a few years ago. I don't, and I never will drink cheap. If I can't afford the good stuff I go without. And now that I go through a bottle every 2-3 months rather than 1 a week or two like in my 20s. XD I'm willing to spend even more per bottle. I tried some Prichard Bourbon last time, it was pretty good but had some sweet tones like brandy I didn't care for too much. I like my bourbon to be rough and tough with that good oaky taste that incinerates your sinuses upon hitting your tongue. XD Before that I had Clyde May's Alabama Whiskey which was really good. There are a lot of staples that are releasing new stuff I want to try unless its that fruit infused crap. Uh damn Millennials ruining alcohol with there fruit flavors. White Claw is an abomination of mankind and shouldn't exist. /endrant.

    1. Sledgstone


      lmao! XD There is an insane amount of variety now. Its hard to tell if its because everyone and their uncle decided to become a micro brewer or if its just that we have more variety now because of how laws have changed. I remember reading something about many states having shipping laws for alcohols across state lines. I think the laws have changed over the years and now more companies can ship their products all over the US. That might explain some of the large increase of variety. It was in the news here years ago because there is so many wineries in the region, they couldn't ship wines over state lines so they had to hire couriers to go around buying wines at different vineyards to then take to other states to sell. Something like that. Now the wineries can direct ship to customers in limited amounts including other store owners that resell them.

      I don't drink much anymore. Like I'll have a shot of fireball or rum occasionally (especially if I have a sore throat) but nothing like I used to because my liver has given me so much crap. Although it does appear to have been ibuprofen that was killing my liver. I had a couple shots not to long ago and I didn't feel any of the negative side effects I experienced before so I'm guessing my liver has finally recovered. I'll do a blood test to confirm at some point after I switch to a different doctor.

      Before my liver gave me crap, man I loved the selection. I was never a beer guy. I'd drink one when grilling or after mowing the lawn to cool down, but after 2 or 3 I always felt bloated. Theres a store about 15 mins from my house that is a specialty beer store/gas station. They have over 100 beer varieties sold individually from all over the country and their inventory changes almost monthly with new and old beers entering and exiting within production schedules. They have a rule there that you can only buy 2 of any specific beer at a time so people can't buy out a specific variety. Its really interesting to see the selection available.

      As for bourbon my go tos in no particular order were Makers mark (mixed with ginger ale was the best winter drink on a cold night), Angel's Envy, Knob Creek and Evan Williams. Whiskey was my favorite tho, especially Gentleman Jack. I'd drink the hell out of that. Crown Royal was also on my go to list. I liked experimenting by trying something new, but once I found something good I had a tendency of sticking with that instead of throwing more money out there that I didn't have to spend.

      Whats really funny is the variety in alcohol available is no different that marijuana shops. XD Hundreds of beers, hundreds of bourbons and whiskeys.. meanwhile in states with legal weed, hundreds of strain varieties and edibles. And its the same with nicotine vaping, hundreds of flavors. Why smoke a cigarette anymore when you can suck on flavored chemical mixture that tastes like bubblegum. Same with food. hundreds of fast food and restaurants all serving chicken, beef, pork and veggie meat in different varieties. This is America, the land of excess where too much is never enough. XD

    2. DeathscytheX


      Fast Food is definitely different. XD Unless you're on a tight budget, McD's and BK are utter garbage. Hardee's has gone down hill since their "reimaging". They did more than get rid of their hyper sexualized commercials, they downgraded all their food in the process. Their burgers are smaller and not as juicy, and their "made from scratch" buns are meh. Their breakfast is still top notch though. Thankfully here in the south we have the glory of Whataburger which bar none has the best burgers. Worth the little longer wait since they cook to order rather than letting their paddies sit in a hot tray for hours. Sonic is my 2nd tier because of all the crazy options they have like the current Totchos which are amazing. And Wendy's is solid with its arteries clogging Baconator. XD Both Sonic's Crispy Chicken Sandwich and Popeye's amazing spicy chicken sandwich beats Chick-Fil-A hands down. Being in the bible belt Chick-Fil-A is king tho. Which is also why I don't like it... its always waaaaaaaaay to f*in crowded. All the ones here remodeled to have double drive thru lanes and they're always packed with a line. They do have amazing customer service and the food is good, but too many damn people at any given time keep me away from there. Especially when there are better chicken sandwiches to be had. Oh and then there is Foosackly's that makes the best chicken tenders you'll ever eat, but its strictly a local chain that's slowly expanding into a regional one. Its funny to see them go from a single location near the college I graduated from back in 2007, to now having several locations throughout Alabama and one in FL.

      There are way more good bourbon/whiskey than there are fast food selections. XD My solid go to's are Jim Beam Devil's Cut, Makers Mark, Wild Turkey, and Jack Single Barrel. Blanton's is my all time favorite, but its hard to find these days. Bookers is another, and they have limited releases now that are even more expensive than original Bookers. I like the stuff Clyde Mays, Jeffersons, and Elijah Criag makes. Angel Envy is also delicious. I don't care for Scotch too much anymore as to me it just tastes like weak bourbon, its still better than the likes of Canadian Mist and Old Grandad though. XDXDXD

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