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  1. Since the founding of Kickstarter I've only backed one project and that was Kung Fury. XD I recently backed two more projects. A new wallet and a retro style watch.

    I honestly don't get the whole "minimalist" wallet thing. I think it's pretty dumb actually. Before this fad even started it was hard enough for me to find a wallet with enough card slots to begin with. I have a debit card, drivers licenses, concealed carry permit, Social security card, health insurance card, dental insurance card, Kohl's card, and 3 credit cards (Visa, Master, Discover). Now that everywhere takes Visa I kinda wish I didn't have all 3, but there was a time Sam's club only took discover, and my master card was my first line of credit that just got upgraded to a mastercard when it was originally just a sears card. XD Anyways all in all I have 12-14 cards, and I feel like I always need them in case of an emergency. I don't carry cash, so the whole billfold that only holds 1 card... I don't know how people do it. I backed this Grip6 wallet because I've been using their belts and they're amazing. I also break belts a lot since I only use 1 for everything and I'm very active at my job. If it wasn't for the leather sleeve that increases card capacity to 14, i wouldn't have bothered. It's a cool concept. I use my debit card multiple times a day. All my cards that pay for stuff will go into the pop up slot. My lesser used cards like insurance and ID will go in the leather sleeve.

    I've also reinvigorated my love for watches. I own 3 in my rotation. I've lost my love for metal bracelet watches as I always break them, and leather I ruin from sweating at my job so much. I just ordered a canvas strap to replace a leather band actually. But I also love analogue watches. I don't like pulling my phone out to look at the time, its just easier to look at my wrist. I've always had a watch since I was 14. I'll never be one of those serious watch collectors that owns $5000 watches... thats too extreme. I stay under $400. I've been looking for something retro and classy to add to my collection.. buying real vintage watches is out of the question so I found this... but its only half funded with 27 days left so It may not become a thing.

    I'll never back a kickstarter game after all the shenanigans over the past couple of years, but recently I've found it to be a good source of finding things that no one else is making to my needs. I still did my research on the company/owner before backing, but hopefully I get two decent products. With all the crazy OT I've been getting lately I have the luxury to splurge a little.

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    2. DeathscytheX


      Before you consider a MVMT, watch this.

      I spend too much time watching Watch and Knife videos. XD  Even for the watches I'll never own. Damn you The Urban Gentry. XD

      I like watches to be solar powered, and if possible atomic time keeping. My citizen is. My G-Shock syncs with my phone 4 times a day instead of communicating with the atomic clock tower. The big boi Diesel I got just because it was big as fuck and different. Outside of that kick starter I think my next watch is going to be the Seiko Prospex SNJ025. Its an updated version of the watch Schwarzenegger wore in Commando and Predator. I don't have a Seiko yet and I just love oversized watches. Plus its solar


      Keep an eye out for the wallet, they'll have it up on their official website after Kickstart rewards are fulfilled. They're belts were a kickstarter before becoming a full blown retail operation. Obviously it will be more expensive, BUT they do run a lot of sales, you may catch it near the kickstarter price with some patience after the new year. 

    3. Sledgstone


      That wallet looks ok.. then I saw that leather sleeve and now it looks like a product I'd use. Like you guys I have way too much crap in my wallet. I have 9 cards in my wallet. XD discover, visa, 3 debit cards from my different checking accounts, FSA card, health insurance, drivers license and subway rewards card. I can chuck the subway rewards card and use the app tho, so I might do that soon. XD I am tempted to get a kohls card because I bought alot of clothes from them last black friday for me and lady... I have even more cards but I don't keep them in my wallet, like my credit cards for tractor supply and ashley furniture. lol. My wallet reminds me George's from that Seinfeld episode.


    4. DeathscytheX


      I have a love hate relationship with Kohl's. You really got to shop their ads because everything is extremely overpriced. But their credit line with insanely low minimum payment requirements and virtually no interest is super convenient. Plus when they do Kolh's cash, its easy to rack up. I haven't paid for socks or underwear in years. XD I buy all my work pants and shirts there when they do buy one get one half off. Although lately I've been ordering off their website instead. Its like a conspiracy of my life that stores never have my pants size. I've always wore 30 length, but as I've gotten older and fatter I've gone from a 34 waist to a 38. I fluctuate between a 36 and 38 depending on my eating habits (holiday's yo). I generally get Dockers or Croft and Barrow pants with those flex waists so I don't have to buy pants for the change or have 2 sets of them. I go with 38x30s, or 38x29s if necessary. but no, they always have like 24x30s or 48x30s XD. WTF it's always opposite extremes... super skinny or morbidly obese, while all the normal people sizes are out of stock. I never understand why they overstock on the minority of what people wear instead of keeping way more sizes that actually sell off the shelves. Same thing with shoes. I hate shoe shopping. I wear size 12-13 depending on the brand. When I go to the store they have a ton of size 7s and a few 14s extra wide. XD They'll have a couple 9-10s for people that wear those sizes but pretty much hardly any 12-13s, and only in the shoes I'm not interested in. My wolverine boots have been looking ROUGH lately. They still work and feel great, but as middle management, they don't look professional anymore. I just went on academy sports website and ordered the same pair in the same size. Boom. And brick and mortar wonder why they're going out of business. 🙄

      People say having too many lines of credit isn't good. but I wonder how many lines are the threshold? I have 5 lines of credit (Visa, Discover, Mastercard, Kohl's, Paypal) and a car note which replaced my student loan. My credit score is 805. I've also heard cancelling a credit card will hurt your credit as it erases the history of that line, and keeping a balance and paying it on time is more important than 0 balance. All my major credit cards have 10 year old balances. I never pay them off, I'll keep them around $200. I want my score to be super high. I'll never forget the look on the car salewoman's face when she pulled my credit when I bought my car. XD

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