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  1. When I watched Tokyo Ghoul season 1 and 2 a few years ago, I thought it was the most over hyped pile of shit I've ever seen. Apparently it didn't follow the manga at all. I've been watching season 3 just because its a simuldub, and while I find it more entertaining, it's so disjointed from the first two seasons, it doesn't make any sense as a whole. Apparently they somewhat decided to start following the manga after skipping a few arcs? Apparently they announced season 4 and it's going to skip more between 3 and 4? What a train wreck... They might as well start over.

    1. Sledgstone


      I've never seen it but damn that sounds like a disaster. 

    2. DeathscytheX


      Don't waste your time. Its crazy how much hype and promotion this anime got. I could imagine how pissed I'd be if it was my favorite manga and they just took random parts of it and adapted it with a ton of liberties. Its worse than passing up the manga and making it up as you go.

      The first season was just the main protagonist gets turned into a ghoul. He cries a bunch trying to reject his new reality until he is tortured into being a badass... or so we thought, until season two just makes a train wreck out of it. He joins the antagonist organization and they break some powerful ghoul out of a prison... and you never see that guy again afterwards... there wasn't even an explanation as to why they did it. XD Its like they just did it to showcase a fight. At the end of the season the protagonist disappears. So season 3 starts and he's now apart of a ghoul hunting section of law enforcement, with his personality and memories wiped. He has a new identity and he leads a squad of demi-ghouls while struggling to cope with his old persona leaking through sometimes. No explanation of how, when, or why the most notorious and wanted ghoul was captured and brain washed rather than killed. Apparently you have to read the manga to find out. 

      Its almost like making Dragonball starting with the General Tao arc, then skipping to the Cell Games of DBZ, and then season 3 takes place in the Universe 6 v 7 arc of DBS. XD

    3. Sledgstone


      Lmao. XD wow that's to crazy. XD

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