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  1. Just got a severance from my old job, and I immediately paid off a credit card. Feels good because that's a monthly payment gone that will act as a buffer for the small pay cut I took at my new job. Plus it was the card with the highest APR. I gotta hold out another year hopefully. My PC is showing signs of its old age, and I'll probably have to upgrade completely in the future. At 10 years old, its mother board is probably severely outdated to rebuild on, 6 of the USB ports don't work anymore, and more are dying. My wireless connection is kinda shit because I think the USB ports cut off for a second and kick me off at random times. I say this because the USB port I had the adapter plugged into died when it was giving me problems, and I put it into a new one and after a few days the same issue started happening again. I had to swap my mouse to a new port because that one died. Even though I haven't been playing GW2, I can imagine getting kicked off while doing something important. My PC case is too small at that. The video card I just bought a few months ago barely fits in it, otherwise I'd strip the old ass wireless card my dead PC had and put it in... although I think I lost the antenna for it. XD I also have plans to buy a new firearm. I sold my 1911 to the FFL I frequent so I could secure a larger down payment for my car. I never carried that behemoth, but I want a revolver since I don't have one. That will only cost me around $600... so that empty credit card balance is already begging to be used. XDXDXD

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    2. DeathscytheX


      I'll have to check that out. The front 4 USB ports are never going to work again. The case slants at the top and just the weight and pulling of the cords damaged it over time. The PC would just instantly blue screen on boot up, so I had to disconnect them, but I still have 8 slots in the back. I'm good with the 5-6 I use, but if I lose anymore, it will become problematic. I really don't want to upgrade anytime soon. PC advancement has come to a crawl over the past few years and I wouldn't be jumping by a lot if I did.

    3. Sledgstone


      I got the majority of my credit debt trying to provide for my family of 4 while making only $8 an hour for 6 years or so. Groceries, rent and car repair bills were the worst. I make decent money now but that debt has only compounded over the years. -_-; every time i start making progress on it some massive bill usually comes out of no where like a pet surgery at the vet, major car issue and one year I went to the ER with an asthma attack and those medical bills even after insurance took me most of a year to eventually pay off. Discover is very generous with their limits. Lol. I have 21k limit on mine. XD

    4. DeathscytheX


      Few things are as demoralizing as when you're about to pay off your debt and something comes up to pretty much add back on to it. -_-; Or takes away the funds you had to put towards it. Mostly car repairs. That's why I bought a brand new car this go around. By the time its paid off, it will still have decent low mileage, very low wear and tear, and be properly maintained. There shouldn't be too many surprises. 

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