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  1. I've owned 3 cars now. My first car was a 1993 Nissan Maxima. It had 110k miles on it and it served me well until 215k miles. An alternator and a break hose were the only major repairs I've ever had to have done on it. Then I got a 2004 Mazda3 which also served me well from 11k miles to 80k miles, a fuel purge sensor was the only major repair I ever had to do on it. I'd still have it if some kid didn't pull out in front of my and total it. With the insurance check I should have just put a nice down payment on a brand new car... but at the time I didn't want a car note so I got the only thing I could find... a 2004 Ford Mustang. It had less miles than my Mazda so I figured it was like I just had this car all along since it was the same year. Wrong, its been the biggest POS I've ever owned. I've had to have the power steering pump replaced twice, major exhaust work twice, serpentine belt, entire ABS system, read axle, front calipers, CV joint, motor fan, and the transmission that was put in to replace the already busted on they tried to sell the car with, is about to go out again... to top it all off the paint just started crumbling off the car and now its rusting. I bought it with 65k miles and now it has 116k miles. Now that my college loan is almost finally paid off, I'm looking to get a brand new Honda Civic or VW Golf. The Civic is a car I've always wanted since wanting a car, but the Golf is very nice and has more horsepower. I'll never buy another ford car again. I remember when my exhaust system basically fell off the car because the manifold cracked... the muffler shop I went to basically said "Yeah this is pretty common at 90k miles for this car" which I was pretty much at... wtf. Screw Ford. I've never had so many catastrophic failures with a vehicle.

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    2. Sledgstone


      If you can wing it I'd go for the civic. The civic and their counterpart the corolla are cars that seem to last forever. After watching that video comparison the other day the newer corolla seats looks horrendous to me. Why the hell the engineers would put seats like that in the car makes no sense to me. The pick up and go of the engine is no real concern of mine, my main interest is car longevity, comfort while driving. Although I really to like having control nobs fire volume. I never want to take my eyes off the road to use a touch screen. And volume controls on steering wheels are ass to me because they always seem to get hit when I turn the wheel. I know I hated having a large car payment but for a brand new car, but the lack of any mechanic bills for about 5 years made it all worth while.

      What color were you hoping to get?

    3. DeathscytheX


      I got the Civic. I was willing to pay a lot more for it than the VW. I hate car buying with a passion, but it seems a lot of dealerships have toned down their aggressiveness these days. My sales person was a young black lady that was really nice. It was a bit different from the usual white lanky guy with a cheesy grin that I'm use to getting. XD Maybe they take this approach now so you'd feel bad for beating up the sales rep with hardball. She was 21, and I knew more about the technical details of the car than she did. After she went over the obvious features, I started overwhelming her with questions about the CVT transmission and other mechanical aspects of the car.
      I was a bit irritated at first because their webiste along with cargurus had the car listed at $21,870, but when I got to the dealership it was more like $23,500 with stupid dent protection and stuff. I cut to the chase and said I didn't need any of it. I don't plan on reselling this car for at least a decade if ever. It's going to get dents. I was able to talk them down to $20,000 OTD. I went in with the mindset to get it for $19,500 at maximum, but I really wanted this car and they beat my credit union's APR so I financed with them as well so they'll get their $23-24k after interest in the end. It was time to pull the trigger because I know the fed is going to raise interest rates soon, especially with the stock market finally slipping in anticipation.
      This car drives like a dream. Its super responsive and has a lot of get up and go. Its very quiet on the inside. The only drawback is that the sound system is pretty shit. XD No bass... it's the first car I've had with the base model sound system. It's not that big of a deal because I listen to talk radio most of the time anyways. I'm not use to all these fancy features like rear back up cam, that I'll never use because I'm too old school and I'll still twist my neck and look back. I realize how bad my Mustang's suspension got when I drove over the little speed grooves on my way home and didn't even feel them in my new car. I've also driven about 30 miles and the gas meter hasn't budged. XD
      As for my Mustang. I'll donate it to a local charity that gives them to disabled vets. They'll take it and fix it up and give it to someone that is in need that served our country. I feel like that is a good cause to put it towards.
    4. Sledgstone


      I love rear back up cameras and i wish my car had one. It's so convenient. That's a hell of a nice looking ride you got. Congrats!

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