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  1. When you play your best games as Mercy ever and no one votes for your card even though you clutch revived the team to victory, and got POTG twice as Mercy. Healers live a underappreciated life, but no one has any problems complaining about not having one. I've almost sunken into fulltime healer on Overwatch because now when I'm not healer, I rage when the one we have sucks. I started playing Ana and Mercy a lot more just to be proficient with them. I'm a trolling beast with Lucio now, to where I can pretty much kill tanks and hit scan heroes doing wall hanging. (Thanks DPStanky for that inspiration) Joke is on everyone else on Double XP weekend though, Healers always get a gold medal for healing... and sadly if I'm Lucio I can pull off 4-5 gold medals if my team is that bad.

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    2. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      I never had that problem during the free weekend, I usually always got the votes. Then again I wasn't playing with seasoned veterans like you do so that might be the reason.

      If I had the money and we actually had time to play together I'd be your full-time healer, you know how good I am. Meh, it seems a lot of games are falling into this stigma now toward healers. Fuck I rarely get any commendations in FFXIV for keeping people alive when I play Scholar (especially in those fucking hard ass dungeons/raids where healing is a lot harder to do). No love for the support players x.x

    3. DeathscytheX


      Its Double XP weekend so a lot of people that play for loot boxes rather than fun are on. There were a lot of instances no one picked a tank. If we played, I'd honestly pick Zen in a lot of matches. A team with a main and secondary healer almost always wins against a single healer team. Hell I got paired with a 5 stack the other night were they played Mercy, Zen, Ana, Soldier, Mei. So I tanked every round and we crushed everyone.

    4. DeathscytheX


      On a funny note, I realized today I killed SSSniperwolf multiple times as Genji a few weeks ago. I figured it was just someone that just took the Psn name because I didn't think she played PS4. But she does. I don't really follow her, and when I do see her posts people hate on her saying she's just a pretty face that's not that good... I can confirm. She's not. XD Me and my friends wrecked her team. 

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