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  1. That feeling soloing the boss with corpses cheering you on, because everyone else fell to their death on Thaumanova Reactor, and the boss has 30% HP left. XD I did it for the first time since the change. The heat room isn't that bad when done as a group. But having to do 4 rooms now makes it my least favorite even more so. I also had to do the Not So Secret JP again for Astralaria. WTF? Not So Secret and SW? The two worst JP in the game for this journey. -_-; 

    1. Sledgstone


      XD Just wait until tier 4, you'll probably have to do those JP and fractal all over again. XD

      What benefit is there for having the entire group do the heat room? I still haven't made it across once. I never tried it with a cooling rod tho.

    2. DeathscytheX


      You can stagger the cooling rod shields off CD. With 4 people having a rod, If you do it right, you should make it to the end no problem. Actual only 2 are needed because the cd finishes by the time 1 shield completes. I had a pretty good group. The boss for thauma was their only screw up. We cleared uncatagorized with ease, and we cleared Choas bonfires on the first try after me and the party leader explained it to the other 3 that didn't know what to do... Oh and we melted subject 6 in seconds. What is funny about the thauma boss is you actually have a special action key now that stops 1 platform from dissappearing. It has a heafty CD, but you should be able to use it once per each time someone gets targeted. 

    3. Sledgstone


      That makes so much more sense now.

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