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  1. Infinite Warfare sales are down 50% from Blops 3. Blops 3 didn't outsell 1 or 2. Finally the tide has turned. Activision is blaming no old gen, but BF1 outsold BF4 and Hardline combined. 

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    2. DeathscytheX


      Overwatch probably took a nice chunk, but I think its more of every game took a piece of the pie. Overwatch is a completely different beast than the causal nature of COD. In COD, one person can win the whole match for their team, in Overwatch that's impossible. Overwatch probably took a lot of TF2 players as its more that type of game. There is a lot of strategy involved, unlike COD where its all about having the best twitch reflexes and exploiting spawns.

      The thing that has always struck me about COD is player's lack of map awareness. My success in that series was predicated on that. I often used map routes that no one bothered traveling. After all, no action took place there, so it was a "boring" part of the map. Using those paths, I'd easily get the flank and demolish the enemy team, and they'd never discover what I was doing. My favorite example of this was a map on COD4 called Pipeline. It took place in an abandoned oil refinery. The map was your standard 3 building map with a rail way, and some cement tubes and metal sheet fencing. There was also a network of tunnels under the map that had 3 access points. One access point was in the middle of one of the warehouses. Even so, no one ever used the tunnels. In hundreds of matches, I only ever saw someone else down there maybe 3 times. For me, It was a quick way to get to the opposite side of the map and come up behind the enemy, and then quickly escape. I used this tactic on the map forever and I still talk about it with the friends I played that game with to this day. It was so effective that I replicated it on several other maps that had a similar design. (Highrise on MW2 comes to mind). Everyone wants to run to the center of the map and shoot at each other with no tactics in mind. In OW, you have to know the map, where the health packs are, and where to go to flank, and chances are you'll have to fight you way through a path to get to where you want to go. :P

    3. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Titanfall most likely got the biggest share of the COD pie since it plays almost exactly like COD just with more vertical movement. Halo probably ate up what was left. BF gets it's fair share of COD players but most don't stick around long enough to learn the game.

      R6S is not a game COD fans would play and I state this because COD fans would never understand the basic premise of the game. It took me awhile to learn R6S and how to play it effectively. Much like Overwatch map knowledge is key to victory. Knowing entry points, where to flank, what areas of the map can be used to hold the hostage/bio-container/bombs, how to enter those rooms effectively, where camera's are located, what walls can be destroyed, and even the smallest of details. Operator knowledge is also key as you need to know what operators do what, how effectively they work with other operators, how to counter each of the operators abilities (like Mute's jammer, Valkyrie's camera's, Kapkan's trip bombs, Thermite's thermite charges, etc), what weapons the operators use and which one is more effective for the map you're on, etc. R6S is pretty much Counter-Strike with a twist and most COD players I know can't even grasp how to play CS effectively.

      God I miss COD4, it was the only time I've ever been extremely good at an FPS (I'm good at BF but I'm nowhere as good at it as I was at COD4). Maps like Pipeline made it amazing. I used to camp that tunnel with my Ghost layout when I played Search and Destroy (as defense) since one of the containers was located right next to it. You don't know how many times I've wiped a whole team by doing it. Hell I used to run that path during TDM all the time since, as you said, it was rarely ever used. Most of my epic flanks are due to that tunnel. Shit my ability to go ham with the shotgun on Bog was due to my extensive knowledge of the map and how to effectively move through it (and what corners to camp, what I was a corner camper and I'm proud of it. I had the pro perk and everything (mine even had smores)). People in COD now-a-days don't want to learn the maps because all the fighting takes place in one area. Why flank when you can get right into the action and lose the battle for you're team (thank you COD for your shit players coming to BF1, it's no wonder why a lot of operations matches end in the first sector).

    4. DeathscytheX


      I loved all the maps because they all had a different style of play. Countdown was so open and vast, there was no camping outside of the two hangars. The smoke provided cover at times, but it you could go nuts with the M16, which was so OP if you had good aim. XD 1-2 burst kill from across the map with stopping power, snipers never had a chance. Downpour had so many great routes too.... and then Wetwork was the meatgrinder map. The Operation Locker/Metro of COD. If you aren't using 3 frags, you're doing it wrong. XD I miss my MP5 silenced.

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