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  1. Finished World Completion on my thief. It was a more bearable slow process of doing a map a day here and there, rather than hardcoring it. I'll probably do my Engi next because she's around 30%. I doubt I'll ever do full MC on HoT, but I have been doing them on the LS maps. Hoping someone can help on HP for the HoT maps is just too discouraging. Its easy enough to get enough of them done solo or with the help of 1 random for an elite spec, but others are much harder to find help for, even HP trains avoid them.

    1. Sledgstone


      The HPs in HoT are bullshit IMO. Map completion should be accomplishable solo. I thought they were going to change that over 6 months ago but they never did. Especially the hero points that are in the middle of nowhere that requires masteries to even get to, with a champ event tied to it. wtf. I've been playing these maps alot more over the last month and I still have no idea how to actually get to the Guano HP in Verdant Brink without looking at a youtube video. Even if someone says in map chat "doing guano hp, help please?" by the time I get there that person has either died and can't figure out how to get back up, the night time event finished and its not possible to get there without additional masteries that person might not have unlocked, or they got so frustrated they left the area. The new LS maps are great and has given me encouragement that anet is going down a different path of game design.. because if the newer maps were anything like the HoT maps I wouldn't even play them. I don't know what the new expansion will be like but I highly doubt I'll pre-order it until I find out if the maps are actually going to fun or just frustrating as all hell with 4 contested waypoints again with everything tied off behind masteries and more mastery points that are only obtainable by having pre-existing masteries. I really like Ember Bay, you can go everywhere but if you have the lava tube mastery you can get there faster. Enjoyable content without frustration and a nice convenience boost once you get the mastery. Unlike HoT maps that block you off everywhere you go. With my casual playing of it, a year later I finally have enough HoT masteries done that I can finally attempt map completion of those maps.. a year later. wtf.

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