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  1. My wealth is swelling. I should have near 1600g before LWS3 comes out. Thats uncharted terrority for me since I I've bought precursors the last two times i've reached just under 1100g. So much weird inflation on common items as made making gold super easy. I dumped all my powerful blood before the FGS chain starts. I'll plug away at that all week and save the mats for when prices go back up.

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    2. Sledgstone


      Thats good to know. I'll get my other characters to FGS just for farm weeks like this. I wonder if they'll change the map rewards with tomorrows update. The amazing FGS week might get changed and all the rewards more spread out.

    3. DeathscytheX


      I hope not. It's a big cycle it goes around. They can def give better rewards to other maps and have a nice profit week for a few more. I brought up dubloons because apparently you need a ton for juggernaut. It would be nice to give those players some relief that want to make it. Powerful blood comes up on Cursed Shore as well some weeks. Nerfing the fgs wouldn't make sense. The fact that it was one of the game's first farm maps makes it popular when that reward cycle comes out. I bet that's why they threw a bone out to those that still do it.

    4. Sledgstone


      The dubloons in general are the dumbest items in the game. They're only use is for crafting, but you can't deposit them and even though we have jeweler crafting, and we have copper and silver ore, we can't craft either. And on top of it, both will only drop from jumping puzzle chests for low level characters only. If they ever announce that silver dubloons can be crafted, I will craft all my silver ore into them and flood the market with the damn things. lol.

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