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  1. Since I used my last Citizen Eco-Drive for 12-13 years before the band broke and I left it in the dark for too long, I ordered myself another one. Got a killer deal off jomashop.com. the watch is $725 MSRP and I paid $349. Considering amazon had it listed for $540 I feel I got an unreal price for a titanium timepeice.

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    2. DeathscytheX


      This is the one i picked up. I love Citizen watches. They look better than Rolex and Omegas IMO. But they dont cost $5-45k XD I couldn't pay that much for a watch even if I was rich. Sure they last forever because they don't need batteries, but a spring or gear can still break or wear and its probably ungodly to get fixed since automatic watches are such a dying art. Citizen is solar powered and as long as you don't do what I did, they'll last a good 25 years until the cell needs to be replaced. Plus this one has a sapphire crystal so the lens shouldn't get all beat up like my old one did.

    3. Sledgstone


      Thats a damn nice watch. I had a coworker that loved his Rolex. I just don't see the appeal in wearing $5k minimum on your wrist, that basically advertises yourself as a target for thieves. Some ppl like my old coworker see it as a display of wealth and personal achievement. To each their own I guess. A watch like the one you got is great tho. If you're going to get a watch, get a good one. As for me, I just pull out my phone to see the time. XD I used to wear watches way back in the day, but I'll probably never wear one again. I type way too much every day and the watch bands shred up my keyboard wrist cushions and aggravate my wrist after 8 hours of pressure.

    4. DeathscytheX


      I watched a video on Rolex the other night and they aren't even hand made outside of placing the logo inside the face. They are mass produced by machines and really only seem to be valued on their heritage and the fact that they make everything in house. I looked through a bunch of models just for fun and they all seem rather bland... I guess because of their old fashion nature. I'm a feature driven person and it seems you can get more features in a watch in the $200-700 range. One's that are truly handmade are astronomical. I see some on Jomashop for $400k+. With how bad my S6 battery life is, I figured a new timepiece will alleviate some of the strain... plus titanium is super light so I'm excited to see how it feels for being such a large face watch.

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