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  1. Finished up HPs in VB and then caught a train in AB. I'm 60 HPs away from completing my scrapper. The hammer play is pretty cool, I need all my gyros to get the full experience.

    1. DeathscytheX


      The HPs in HoT are still champions. I thought they were changing them to vets like most the events, but I guess not. I was able to solo the communes surrounded by vets by spamming nade kit, but I was lucky enough to catch the champion HPs in progress. I don't know how people enjoy base engineer. its such a massive rotation that is all ground targeted with ass for mobility. I guess I'm so use to being able to faceroll with DH and Reaper, or the high mobility of Ranger and Mesmer with their stamina regen traits/skills. Engi has some great damage, but you can't afford to take as much punishment as other classes like Warrior/Reaper/Rev.

    2. Sledgstone


      Interesting. Whats your setup so far? Hammer, rifle, double pistols? You can only equip a couple of kits at a time right? like flamethrower and grenades?

    3. DeathscytheX


      Rifle is meta fo base, but it's laughable. You stay in nade kit and rotate 1-5 F1-5. I'm probably never gonna run fractals or raids with her so I'll use the power hammer build on meta battle. I already invested in zerk gear before the condi update. 

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