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  1. Welp second round of layoffs today at work (oh we weren't going to have anymore my ass) and I got myself a permanent vacation from work again. At least this time it's not an outright firing and I did get paid for the whole day plus I'm getting paid for the entirety of next week as well. Also get to retain my health insurance to the end of the month (which means my ass needs to get down to the pharmacy and get my HBP meds refilled before I lose it).

    Fucking sucks after putting all that time into that fucking company and learning shit I never wanted to learn in hopes it'd help keep my job. Fat lot of good that did. They also had the audacity to say I'm able to be re-hired once market conditions favor them hiring more people. When will that be? Fuck knows but I have no intention of going back unless they're willing to hire me back at more or equal to what I was getting paid (though, in all honesty, not fucking worth it).

    Now I get to experience the joy of finding a new job again in a market overflowing with job seekers and nobody's really hiring in my area right now due to this epidemic. Not only that I need to find a job that pays roughly what I was getting which is going to be hard around here as well. Looking like I'll have to go back to retail which will be a massive hit in pay for me.

    I also get to experience filing for unemployment for the first time in my life. So looking forward to that.

    Sigh, on the bright side I have plenty of time to watch anime and play games until I find a new job. Guess that's a silver lining.

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    2. Sledgstone


      I just read an article about unemployment. Apparently with the stimulus package you can get an extra $600 a week on top of whatever you'd get from unemployment for 4 months.


      That seems like alot of money. I'm guessing its so people can get the COBRA insurance and be able to afford health insurance. I'm guessing alot of people wont do that and will bank the money instead. Get that unemployment ASAP @Strider Hiryu there might be weekly cut off dates for when you can apply. I hope you get the max benefit you can.

    3. DeathscytheX


      Yeah thats fucking shit. I was a bit worried for you when you said No more "planned" layoffs. I've been there, and I hate that fucking word. Cobra is so expensive. I remember getting the package when my store was shut down, and I was like "I guess I'll just risk it" I couldn't blame anyone for banking that money. That's groceries and gas, and whatever you can put to the side.

      Retail sucks, but I'm glad I work it in right now. Hopefully you can catch on, I know around this region of the country not only are the retailers hiring like crazy but so are the distributors. Maybe Coca-Cola or a beer distributor is worth looking into? I know Coke is starting people at $18 an hour with no experience here, which is extremely high for this city.

    4. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      @SledgstoneYea I'm currently looking into the unemployment but since my state is so god damn slow they haven't put into place the COVID measures yet. I'll be filing a claim next week as I'm still technically getting paid for next week but I'll try my luck and hope the COVID measures are in place (and there are weekly cut off dates, I have until 11:59 pm Saturday of the week I'm trying to get benefits for). Fuck we're one of the 10 or so states that hasn't even implemented shelter at home policies (because our Governor is a fucking idiot) so I'm honestly not that surprised. COBRA is something I'll only if necessary, I have some job leads but I have until the end of the month until I have to worry about that (plus I won't get the COBRA packet till then anyways).

      @DeathscytheXYea you said it. I saw the writing on the wall yesterday pretty early based on how people were acting and my Production Lead (the guy under my supervisor) said he thought they were doing layoffs again so I had somewhat of a heads up (even if I did think I was safe). Fucking Supervisor vanished like a fart in the wind about an hour before the layoffs happened so I'm pretty fucking sure he's the reason why I was chosen (he's new and I don't think he honestly liked me all that much, damn my issues with authority (j/k but I'm still pretty sure he didn't like me)). I find it funny though, they fucked my department over massively as I'm the only one who was trained to do my job so I wish them luck in getting shit done the right way (plus they let go of another person in my department that I know of so that leaves them down to two people right now). Really hope it bites them in the fucking ass (yea, I'm a vengeful guy).

      Luckily I have some job leads already and put in one application today to Menards (the Midwest's wests version of Lowes/Home Depot even though we also have them. My mother works there and she's going to try and see if she can get me hired). With my 11 years of retail experience I'm pretty sure I can get in as long as they're still hiring (as far as I know they are). I might see if I can't get into a local internet provider as a field tech as I have some training in that field as well (plus one is hiring, I just need to get a hold of the company).

      Sadly none of the distributors in my area are hiring (was one of the first things I checked yesterday). I'll chat with one of my distributor friends and see if his company is hiring (they're pretty much a distributor of multiple things (beer, soda, etc)) and also see if he can put in a good word for me (I've known him for years so I'm sure he will). Honestly most of the jobs in my area are linked to the oil field so with them down it's hard as fuck to find anything but scraps for work (and I mean scraps, $12 an hour or less depending on what it is. I can't afford to live on that wage).

      If worse comes to worse I'll just do construction until something else comes up. One of the local construction companies is hiring general laborers right now and I don't mind that kind of work (I just need to be trained).

      @slippersThanks, taking it one day at a time.

      Overall though I'm not that worried right now. I have plenty of money saved up and while losing my health and dental insurance at the end of the month is going to suck I'll get by. I can always defer my student loan payments and save quite a bit of money for a few months (not ideal as I've done it before but you gotta do what you gotta do). It's times like these that I'm glad I'm extremely cheap and frugal with my money (I never eat out (rarely order pizza), I buy maybe 2-3 games a year (though this will mean I probably won't be getting Ghost of Tsushima right when it comes out and I might have to cancel my Cyberpunk pre-order if this unemployment carries on too long), and I've cut way back on the amount of anime I buy now (only doing one order a year)).

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