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  1. So the new computer finally arrived and boy is it beautiful (and bigger then I thought, thing is huge). I'm now not looking forward to installing everything I need on it to get it up to snuff like my laptop is (so much to do). Sadly I won't be playing FFXIV tonight because it's going to take 3+ hours to download and install all the updates (not to mention Heavensward which I opted to dl instead of digging my disk out of the closet).

    I'll take pictures of it tomorrow and post them, to tired to do it right now as I spent the last two hours digging it out of the box and setting it up.

    1. Sledgstone


      Congrats! :D I don't know about FFXIV folder structure but I was able to copy over my guild wars 2 install directory from one hard drive to another using a USB 3 flash drive and got the game up and running in minutes instead of downloading for over 2 hours. If you have windows 10 one that make sure you set it to get that creators update to install before the newest graphics drivers. I heard a few ppl had issues installing the latest nvidia drivers on win 10 that didn't have that update done yet.

    2. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Eh, I didn't think of copying the files over (not like I don't have enough external storage to do so). A fresh install is for the best though as FFXIV had some issues on my laptop and I'm afraid they might of transferred with (plus I'm less than a week from early access for Stormblood so a fresh install is probably for the best). Plus the folder structure is a nightmare (the main game is under Program files but everything else is under a folder in My Documents (fucking weird if you ask me, WoW had a similar set up to GW2 so I'm used to that).

      I'll have to look into the creators update since I was forced into Windows 10 (I got the Professional version and I actually like it more than the Home version, I'm still going to have to customize it more to my liking either tomorrow or Sunday because some of these UI elements bug the hell out of me), haven't really had time to update Win 10 or the graphics drivers yet.

    3. Sledgstone


      Win 10 has a tendency of forcing updates on you so expect them to happen anytime. 😑 you can set windows update active hours so you won't get random update notifications or reset prompts during hours you would be gaming. Also make sure to check your privacy settings and turning off all pointless background apps. Click on the little cortana circle in the task bar (Or the search icon if you have stock win 10 prior to even the anniversary update) and type the word setting or privacy. It'll give you all the system settings in the results so you don't have to search thru the control panel for an hour. 

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