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  1. OH my heck, I signed up for otaku.net just so I could look at everyone's pictures. There are some freaking awesome ones... (and some seriously sexy Kakashi ones... *melts*)
  2. Wow. Impressive. It must be scary being a real person and all now.
  3. OKay... so soul bearing embarassing times: The last one. Yugi-oh. It was sad okay! The season finale of the one with atlantis and the mythical dragons and all that... Mai went bad and they had those jewels that... surprise surprise, stole people's souls. So the bad guys, they were all angry and their souls were taken because they lost (because Seto and the crew are sooo good) and then when Yugi became like this shining vision of hope and goodness, they gave up their darkness and the one guy saw his little brother and sister and his parents and they told him not to be sad anymore and that they were okay and everything would be better and they'd all meet up again one day. And the other guy saw his baby brother and he told him to be strong and that he was with their mom now and oh my gosh, I was just crying it was sooo sad. Uh. Sad.
  4. Oh my crap. Hey there, long time no read. ^_~
  5. Kiki

    Long time no see?

    OH em gee! Hi Prowler... woooooooooooooooow... WoW.
  6. Kiki

    Going Merry!

    sooo jealous. People are crazy
  7. Kiki

    The Ancient Clan

    Of course I want to be in the story. Who DOESN'T want to be in the story? And now that you said I'm in it, I'll read it. Okay, good story. I like it a lot. And I'm concerned about their welfare. Can I be a crazy drifter who drifts crazily from side to side and we never know whose side I'm on?
  8. Kiki

    The Ancient Clan

    You add Sassy to the list even though you don't write about and yet I am not in it. I too refuse to read. (but seriously though, I refuse... write me in!)
  9. Kiki

    Need an image

    There's always Seto Kaiba... mmmmmmmmmmm.... or Yoko... sooooo beautiful. Oh man, I love it when Lady brings pictures into topics...
  10. Frickin' sweet picture Dubie. Your skills astound me.
  11. You can't expect anyone to believe that "Rini" is tolerable in any language.
  12. My jealousy is astounding. I loved the warriors. I was obsessed. I made up a character and and I made her giant staff weapon sword thing and hid it in my closet. I also tried to figure out ways I could make a suit of armor.
  13. Dubie: Oh my gosh, the first batch of Bishies with Sage, and the Quatre banner at the same time... you almost killed me. Lady: Oh man, sandwich... good times... And I like my girlie men as much as the next person, but I SWEAR some of those guys were ladies... I don't want them THAT girlie...
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