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  1. In more localized news, gulf fishers in the great state of Mississippi are passing around petitions to demand the Mississippi Director of Marine Resources to resign. http://www.mcclatchydc.com/2010/08/18/99350/mississippi-fishermen-call-for.html at the bottom of that page is a link to the complete oil spill coverage of my local area, and at the top of that page, it opens a Google Earth map of my local area, and what's been reported. Just news from my little corner of the world.
  2. By this time tomorrow, I'll be back in Gulfport, MS. I still fully intend to provide pictures of the beaches, and anything else I come across that has been affected by all of this.
  3. Lady, you may have already said something concerning this, but I'm almost in a ranting mood, so forgive me. I just learned from a friend in the Mississippi Gulf Coast area that they are being told it's okay to eat seafood from the Gulf, but to stay away from crabs and oysters. I'm sorry, but if it's not okay to eat half of it.. It's not okay to eat ANY of it. Granted, the people I know aren't ignorant enough to just blindly listen to such bullshit, but it's just that: bullshit. Studies are being conducted to see how FAR into the food chain this oil-and-dispersant cocktail has leeched, and we're being told it's okay to eat the food coming from this, let's face it, infected water? Fuck that. When the new BP CEO (since the old one quit... pussy) comes down to the Gulf Coast and eats seafood right off the boat without sweating bullets and having an ambulance 3 feet away, then I'll eat the food. Until then, I don't think they should be telling ANYONE it's okay to eat the seafood. I'm sorry this is in an almost-rant form, but... I'll be the first to admit it, lots of people in Mississippi... are stupid. For Christ's sake, a town in the Mississippi Gulf Coast is called Methlehem (like Bethlehem, but with meth, incase you didn't catch that). We of the Gulf Coast get treated like 2nd rate citizens as it is, don't tell us to eat the food we know is, in the nicest term, contaminated. It's just not right. Sorry for ranting, just wanted to put my two bits in for the day. I know for a fact that as soon as I get back down there, I'll be taking a much more agressive stance against all of this.
  4. Looks like the countries listed use nuclear devices like a generic 12 year old boy uses firecrackers. What I found most disturbing is... Great Britain set off it looked like... 3 in US borders... And the US itself set off what looked like... 8-10 in the Mississippi River valley area! No wonder northeners only come down here for the winter! All kidding aside, I'd like to see a similar video for 1998 to present.
  5. just as an update, most of the bruising has cleared up pretty nicely. Still have some... rug burn + scab combos that still look new, and i can walk decent enough that I'm going to Wal-Mart in a bit. Still need to get to a medical professional and see whether or not I received a concussion, as I'm still suffering from head pain, nausea, and other issues.
  6. [nomedia=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kk8eJh4i8Lo&NR=1]YouTube- La Roux - Bulletproof[/nomedia] I know, I fail at linking stuff properly x.x And for the life of me, I can't tell for certain if it's a guy or a girl... Sounds like a girl. But... so does the singer from Dead or Alive now I mean hell, I don't even now if this is a new song or not!! On a side note, I'm also completely addicted to Old Spice commercials featuring Terry Crews, and the HP Envy with BeatsAudio commercial.
  7. Just thought you shoud know.. Tried to watch it, got this message in the little box. This video contains content from Viacom, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.
  8. A little off topic, but my local ass clown got fired, fined, and jailed after Katrina for insurance fraud. After Katrina, I did get pissed. Houses were being torn apart and trash was being burnt in a huge quarry pit not but a quarter mile behind my neighborhood. We yelled, screamed, and kicked ass until we got that shut down. We found out only shortly after they had everything pretty much burned that they moved it JUST outside city limits (...so..about 3/4 a mile away now) and burned at night. It's a real wtf moment. My parents are down there atm, and I'll be there soon. They told me when this all started, they went to Sam's Club and stocked up on bottled water like preparing for a bloody hurricane. I really don't know what's going to happen right now. Where I live, Gulfport, it's a huge Dole and Chiquita port. Produce that i've bought up here in Michigan has come from Mississippi, so it's just whatever. The only tourism we really get is for the beaches and waterparks and whatnot, but now that's all shot to hell. I wouldn't be terribly surprised if the Gulf Coast region started plummeting in population. Most people can't stand it, but they don't want to deal with it either, so they just leave. I know as soon as I get bac, I'll be going on the offensive. I've lived on the gulf coast all my life (with the exception of the past month). I won't lie, there's nothing to do (even before the spill), but it's still home. In retrospect, wonder how the BP just a block down the street from my house is faring..
  9. Awesoooome! I can't wait! And it's Bioware On a side note... Grenade fail at the clone trooper there? Or am I the only one thinking that..
  10. In truth, D stands for Douchebag. He's been nothing but a spoiled little mama's boy since we got here. His parents buy him anything he asks for, he thinks he owns the house (his name isn't even on the lease), and he's been as selfish as a two year old since day 1, restricting computer use on a computer we were told we could use whenever we wanted, refusing to pay for babysitting when we were promised that as well. Two boys, age 4 and 6. 6yo has a highly functional form of autism, learning problems, agression problems, takes more medicine than my grandmother. 4yo takes same meds, has a speech problem so they can't diagnose him with anything really, or so they say. Oh, and the mother has been having legal battles with the dad (also a douchebag, but abusive to the kids, her, and himself to boot) for about 2 years now... Unless I ABSOLUTELY have to, I don't even want to make any charges against him. I'm supposed to leave on a Greyhound at 2:30 am on the 3rd of August, and I really don't want to be anywhere near this guy as long as i draw breath. And I could go ON and ON about the comparison between this D and the ex-husband crazy guy all day, but that would be a different rant, heh. Though I recently learned that D's mother called and yelled at him for like an hour, worried more about me, my mother, and any charges I may press, than she was about her own son. So.. If any good comes from this, maybe he'll stop receiving anything he asks for from mommy and daddy. Also, and completely off topic, D is supposed to marry the mother of the two kids in Oct, but it actually more concerned about gettig a lift kit for his truck than the wedding. None of the groomsmen have even been measured for tuxes, they JUST hired a dj, don't even have stuff for the reception picked out.. And about the meat. He wasn't microwaving it. The meat was sitting unwrapped on that little foam tray thing in the microwave, in a puddle of blood and melted ice. Which is why I got upset about it. Because he sure as hell wouldn't have cleaned it... He claimed to have cleaned out the fridge once, while we ( my gf and I) were out. There were still tomatoes, cucumbers, apples, and bread in the fridge with enough mold on them that we all gagged when we opened the door. His reasoning: he thought maybe someone would want to eat them. Yeah, and get ebola? Or Kidneyism? I think not... But again.. I could be on here all day ranting about the things he's done in just a month... So I'll cut my spiel off here.. Again, sorry if everything above is all wonky and out of order, or hard to comprehend. Edit: Sledge, thanks for telling me how to post a pic. My ugly bruised mug is all over the bottom of the main page now.
  11. Okay, I'm warning you now. This is a lot of ranting about to happen. It won't all be in order, and some of it might be in a different language (not really). But please, bear with me. On the 27th, I got in an argument with the fiance of my girlfriend's sister. From here on out, the fiance will be "D". I hollered at him (that's what us southeners do, we holler), from the kitchen, because he put a pack of raw steaks in the microwave to thaw (where I come from, that's what the windowsill or sink in the kitchen is for). Anyway, I hollered at D, he yelled back, that went on for maybe a minute, until I left the room and went into the basement. My counselor says if I ever get upset, to remove myself from the situation to cool down, and that's what I did... until D came down into the basement and proceeded to rush towards me, yelling. At this point, I grabbed a length of copper piping (about 2ft) and held it with both hands, holding it in front of me to keep him at a safe distance. For the record... Sojourn: age 20, 5'6, about 157 pounds, told everyone in the house in advance about my anger issues, and what I do to keep from getting out of hand. D: age 28 or 29, 6'4 (i had to tilt my head far back to look him in the eye), about 280+ ponds. Anyway, I was trying to hold him off, but he kept pushing into me, backing me into a corner, still yelling not but an inch away from my face. At this point, I swung the pipe with my left hand at him, I guess as a final warning or something, I just wanted him to back up. During his entire yelling fit, I continually told him to back up, back up, get out of my face, back up, things to that effect. After I swung, he proceeded to...basically jump me, after a few punches, I fell to the ground, where he continued to pummel me. His wife-to-be and my girlfriend had to literally pull him off of me. He called the cops, blah blah blah, and arrested me. This... is where things begin to get interesting... His story with the officers changed about 4, maybe 5 times. Mine didn't. I am suffering from the damage I got: a bruise covering my entire forehead with lacerations scattered within (with possibility of concussion), a bruise on my entire right cheek with a few lacerations on top of it, blood coming from my right eye, a swollen and bleeding nose with a buldge in it (a nurse friend of mine looked at it and said it might be dislocated or even fractured), multiple lacerations and rug burns along my clavicle, as well as the same along my shoulers and forearms, and my left leg refuses to bend unless forced by another person (the nurse friend said the muscle might be pulled or even torn). D sustained (or claims he sustained) an injury on his right side, which he got when he said his back was turned to me, as well as claiming his right elbow is shattered. Here comes the turn, or the twist, or whatever.. I'm left handed. When I swung at him, the pipe was in my left hand. So how did I hit is right side, if he claims I hit him from behind? You tell me (seriously, if you know how this is possible, LET ME KNOW!). And apparently, this isn't the first time this has happened. No more than two months before I got up here, D was in a bar fight. He instigated a man roughly my size, and called the cops, and the other man was arrested. When the police arrested me, I couldn't walk on my left leg at all. They had to actually CARRY me around. In one of his... interpretations of his story, he claims I hit him in the right side with the pipe as he was walking away, and then I apparently punched him in the right side as well.. while he was walking away. I just.. I don't understand why the hell not ONE of the cops there took any notice to the... oodles? of red flags that were around. The entire way that it played out just seems so.. effing ridiculous to me... I mean... I picked up on all this, and I probably have a concussion. It's just... I'm flabberghasted befuzzled confused frazzled over the whole thing, and how none of the... 8 officers were there picked up on any... ANY of the little red flags.. I tried walking on my leg earlier today (two days after the incident), and it won't even support itself. It gives out under even the slightest pressure. I've learned that D didn't press charges because, if he had, he would have been taken into custody as well, which would result in him immediately losing his job (he works at a nursing home). I just... I don't understand why it went down like this... Besides the fact that D's parents own a lot of nursing homes in the area, and apparently they're "in the money", and the cops knew him by first name when they arrived (friends maybe?). The whole ordeal is just... So.. I guess... Thank you for taking the time to read this entire thing. Again, I know it's terribly out of chronological order (or any other type or order for that matter). Just... Thanks. I seriously needed to vent about it. Note: If this is... unfit to be here in the forums, you can remove it. The whole thing is over, so I don't see it breaking any sort of... confidentiality or legal something-or-other. But if it is... yeah, feel free to tear it down and post a big smiley face or something.
  12. A little off topic, but honestly, most Gulf Coast residents ( granted, the ones in my area that i've talked to) are still concerned about what health impact Katrina will have on us in 10, 20 years. salt water was pushed miles inland, reducing wooded areas to dead tree trunks stipped of bark. Not to mention all the mold that had to be taken care of. So much trash from Katrina was burned in my area, that the smoke plumes could be seen day and night, probably for a good month (sounds about right). Now we have to worry about our seafood, which we can't eat. We're getting stuff from overseas (phillipines, i believe) which just makes it even HARDER on Gulf coast fishers. As if life isn't hard enough. We still haven't recovered from Katrina. There's still trash on the side of the road in many places, condemned houses that haven't been torn down (basically becoming a huge petri dish for all sorts of mold). Add all this mess to the oil issue, and Governor Barbour cutting health and school funds because of budget, and you just have a big pile of crap sitting on top of what USED to be a place that A-list music bands, actors, and politicians came from time to time. Anyway, that got increasingly off topic, and I'm sorry for that. Had a rawr moment.
  13. The same way you lose track of an old man hooked up to a dialysis machine, I'd assume. Different department, sure, but... same "procedure for losing something really important" I'm sure..
  14. :wahaha:Happy birthday, Dubird!
  15. The conspiracy theorist in me says that China National Pretroleum is just jealous of all the hype BP got, and they want to show that they're better. But yeah, it's time to get off the oil. As my friend said the other day, America is to oil as Whitney Houston is to crack. Not sure how decent of a comparison that is, but it sure seems right.
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